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My Wife Is Insecure About Her Body (How To Help A Wife With Body Image Issues)

Are you having one of those times where you're freaking out and thinking my wife is insecure about her body? Want to know exactly how to help a wife with body image issues? Of course you do. Read this article before you do anything else having to do with saving your marriage.

By Ashley ScholarPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read
My Wife Is Insecure About Her Body (How To Help A Wife With Body Image Issues)
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You can help your extremely overweight wife to lose weight safely, strip stubborn belly fat and look beautiful again if you will only provide her with the best and effective weight loss program available in the market today. There are programs that are easy to use without making her to starve and without limiting the amount of food she will eat. All that is required is a system that will show her how to eat properly and she will begin to burn off her ugly stomach fat within 14 days.

Here are simple ways you can help your overweight wife to lose weight safely

Make weight loss a family affair. Talk to your wife about the health risks associated with being overweight and give her all the help and support to make dietary or lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole family. Women who receive the support of their husbands tend to have better results with their weight loss programs. Ensure you go about it in a friendly and helpful way!

Encourage her to watch her drinks. Do you know how many extra calories lurking in the sodas, juices, and other drinks that you take in every day? If you can cut out a can of soda or one energy drink, you will be losing about 150 calories or more every day. It is better to drink water or other sugar-free drinks to quench your thirst and stay away from sugary juices and sodas.

Encourage your wife to stop eating whenever she is full. Most women eat when they are lonely, stressed or bored, or keep eating long after they are full out of habit or as a sign of enjoyment. Encourage her to pay attention to the food she is eating and to stop when full. One way is to serve small quantity of food and make do with that every time. Eating slowly can also help because it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to recognize how much is in the stomach. It is wise not to eat when you are upset or bored.

Eat less more frequently. If your wife can eat a couple of small healthy snacks throughout the day, it will help her to make healthy choices at meals. Encourage her to take along a couple of healthy snacks like carrot sticks, or a piece of fruit with her whenever she is leaving home so that she can have one or two snacks during the day. Adding healthy snacks to the usual 3 squares and eating smaller portions whenever she sits down to dinner can help her to cut calories without starving.

Five servings of fruits a day keep the pounds away. Throw away all junk food and buy plenty of fruits and veggies. Say no to fast foods! Five servings of fruits and veggies will help your wife to lose weight safely and they will help keep her heart and the rest of her body healthy. Other suggestions that will help her to eat properly are: replace white bread with whole wheat; instead of drinking sugary sodas, she can go for water and low-fat milk, and ensure she eats a healthy breakfast every day.

Encourage her to get more involve in physical activities. Let her try a variety of activities from hiking to cycling to dancing until she finds the activity she likes and enjoys. You can help her to find other ways to fit activity into her daily chores like walking to the grocery, jog up and down the stairs a couple of times before her morning shower, turn off the TV and dance to some nice music, or take a stroll to your neighbor's house some distance away and back. Encourage her to do anything that gets her moving. Let her engage in any physical activity for up to 60 minutes every day.

Your overweight wife is very likely to lose weight and strip stubborn belly fat if she can reduce the amount of calories she takes in every day. However, how much and what types of protein, carbs and fat she should eat will indeed play an important role in achieving the beautiful looks she has now lost to ugly belly fat.

Is There a Way For Me to Improve My Spouse's Self Esteem?

It's not too much fun to be married to someone with low self esteem. They can be very negative indecisive, and controlling. If you are reading this article because your spouse suffers from low self esteem then I'm sure that you wish that I am going to reveal some magic potion that will build their self esteem and allow you to have a good married life.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of magic potions (and either does anyone else have one) and the truth is that YOU can't build their self esteem, only they can. They have to do everything, we are merely their strong support system

In this article, however, I'm going to show you 3 things you can do to HELP them build their self esteem.

1. Be respectful. This is pretty hard to do a lot of times but even when you want to show disapproval of something they did do it in a respectful manner. If you treat them with respect they will follow suit and begin to treat themselves also with respect.

In giving your reaction or comments, no matter how negative you are or how strong you disagree with them, you must be respectful. It is not wrong to express your opinion. You need to express them and exercise your free will, but do it the right and respectful way. You will see how much they will change when you constantly show them respect.

2. Share the credit. When something goes good in the house (or with you) find some way that your spouse helped to attain that success and tell them. When they feel that they were successful at something this will help them to be successful at more things. Like the adage goes, "Success breeds success." Not only does success breed success but it also breeds good self esteem.

3. Give something nice "just because". Don't wait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Just find something that THEY like and attach a nice little note how much you appreciate being married to them. They might feel a little funny getting such a note (especially if it the husband that suffers from low self esteem) but knowing that SOMEONE really cares for him will be a big help to build their self esteem.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any medication to give your spouse to boost their self esteem and there really is not way that YOU can boost their self esteem. However try the three tips above and slowly but surely you will see your spouse's self esteem grow. Try it yourself; you will be amazed at how much difference it will bring to your spouse and to your marriage.

Do you want to reawaken a committed and loving relationship in your marriage? There are proven steps that are amazingly powerful that will help you overcome conflicts and breathe life back into your marriage. This is a plan you do not want to pass by. Click here to see the proven steps on how to save your marriage.

Divorce does not have to be your only option. Even if it feels as though your relationship can't be saved because of the ongoing conflicts between you and your spouse, it can be. There are techniques that you can begin using today that will not only stop a divorce, but will help also you build a stronger and more loving marriage. To learn more visit: Steps to Save Your Marriage


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