My Truth Behind the LGBTQ

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Love wins.

My Truth Behind the LGBTQ

This is for the people out there who have negative thoughts about the LGBT community. There are people in this world who think being with the same sex makes you disgusting or people who just follow what the Bible says (nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own beliefs). I believe in God just like everyone else and wait for it... I’m a lesbian. Let me start by saying this: if you don’t agree with homosexuality THAT IS FINE. What IS NOT FINE is heterosexuals trying to make us come off as bad people. Secondly, WE ARE NOT PEDOPHILES—majority of the world don’t like pedophiles; neither do we. Now are there gay pedophiles? Yes of fucking course, just like there are straight pedophiles; that does not make every heterosexual a pedophile so please stop the whole adding a P to the LGBT because NO IT IS NOT RIGHT. All we (the LGBT) want is to be either accepted or left alone. If we are not harassing you, you all should not harass us or call out our name because you do not agree with our lifestyle. Do not try to force your beliefs down our throats. Most of us believe/d in God until you “Christians” had so much input on things that do not concern you. Personally I don’t believe gay people will be sent to hell for being gay. Now if you just so happen to be a gay murderer, a gay pedo, a gay rapist, a gay thief, then yes you may have a one way ticket to hell.

I just want to spread love and knowledge of the LGBT, and to try to get rid of the negative connotation the world has of us.

Now for family… when it comes to “coming out,” the last thing we need is to be forced out the closet. If we don’t tell you right away, more than likely we think we won’t be accepted. Finding out you're gay is already hard enough, because of the world. The last thing we need is for our family to treat us like the world already does. When finding out you’re gay, you have to think about losing friends and family. Being a teenager isn’t easy either, so imagine finding out you're gay knowing your family doesn’t agree with it. We as people just need the support of our family, even if you don’t agree. You don’t have to agree, but at least still be there and support you child.

There’s not much I can speak on about, being a part of the LGBT. As I said before, we deal with losing friends, family, or just support from the people we love the most. Personally, I do not understand why homosexuality bothers so many people when it does not affect their life. Your child being gay has nothing to do with you. You cannot raise a child to be straight. You can tell us that being gay is wrong, or that it is not normal, even that we are abominable because of the Bible, but that does not mean we will not be gay. As our parents, you did nothing wrong. You still raised your children to have respect and to have morals. Your child being gay will not affect you as a person. I promise you will still be the same person you always have been.

To friends of people who are gay, we do not find you attractive because we like the same sex. Now if you are an attractive person, you're just attractive. That still does not mean we like or want to date you. Please do not treat your friend differently because they were brave enough to tell you. Unconditional support is all I can stress when it comes to dealing with people a part of the LGBT. So many kids are scared to come out and they should not be. So open your hearts and listen to your children. They just want your love and support.

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