My Review of "The Perfect Date"

A cookie cutter teen romantic comedy.

My Review of "The Perfect Date"

The Perfect Date is probably as cookie cutter as it gets with teen romantic comedies but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a pleasant ride that I think Netflix has a sure fire formula for. So if it's not broke why mess around with the recipe? I'm a sucker for some of these movies and this one didn't disappoint.

This movie starts out with the main character Brooks. He's a single child in a single parent family. His mother had left their family a little while back and he's just living with his dad. His dad isn't the worst but he does seem like he's given up on himself a little.

Brooks wants bigger things for himself. He wants to move out of their town and go to Yale university. He wants the big cars, houses and the most beautiful popular girl he can find. I guess these are generally the things that adolescent boys want in their teenage years. It's nothing really new but you discover later in the movie why he truly wishes for these things.

I kind of wish they explored a little more into his psychology because it could have been more interesting if they put him in more complicated situations. Throughout the movie they pretty much give him soft ball situations that he has to stick handle around. There's no real eminent damage he really causes and we don't really worry about his situation during the runtime of the movie.

So Brooks idolizes this guy that drives around in this fancy BMW. Brooks overhears that this BMW guy has to take his cousin out to some formal event. The problem is that he doesn't want to do it but he's going to be paid to do it. Brooks asks that he gets paid for doing it instead and wants to use the guys car. The agreement is made and that's when Brooks meets Celia.

Celia is this rich girl that doesn't want to conform with her rich social sphere but she does have basic needs that she can't admit to. She basically gives Brooks the idea of working as a male gigolo.

He thinks it's a fantastic idea and gets his friend Murph to make an app for him so that he can get some gigs. This works out beautifully because he doesn't know how he would pay for Yale otherwise.

What happens next is a bunch of really quick dating scenarios that they don't really go too deeply into. The whole dating phase that he goes through with this app is really quick and the montage is barely a montage. He gets dressed in some outrageous outfits and we're meant to think that these women are getting him to do some crazy stuff. They also mention that he doesn't have sex with any of his clients. He's supposed to just accompany them for whatever else they need a companion for.

I would say this is sort of like the tame and clean version of Deuce Bigalo Male Gigolo that came out way back when. The laughs really aren't there but it's kind of a fun touching story that is more endearing than anything. You can tell this is a movie meant for a younger audience and that they do their best not to offend anyone in this movie.

Yes it's a really safe movie and it is a paint by numbers movie. Again that's not a bad thing. Those of us that are looking for this type of movie are going to get exactly what we're looking for in this movie. It's worth watching if you're into this sort of movie genre. That is if you haven't seen it already.

Overall, this movie is a good diversion. It's fun and will kill off a couple hours without you even noticing. I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It is worth watching it if you're into these types of predictable romantic comedies. Be warned that there isn't much comedy in this movie though.

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