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My Only Wish for #Her

by Linda Arnaud 2 years ago in friendship

Wild & Free

Exfoliating Self Inflicting Scars

She was young, wild and so free spirited. Her shine was so illuminating , when she entered the room a darkness would start to vanish and her light quickly brought brightness to every space she entered. She is the girl shown in the picture, she goes by the “E”. E has always been a kool kid. I met her in her younger years. I remember one of the first times I met her, we would draw mustaches on our faces and go skateboarding along the coastline of San Diego . She was just hella fun to be around. I just knew she was some kind of special. Years had past and at the time I was managing the Big Easy Tattoo shop off of Canal street in New Orleans. She calls me out the blue and wants to fly out and Rome the streets of th Big Easy. Without hesitation, I insist she flys out to southern Louisiana. Being the kool kid she is, she brings a backpack full of medicinal marijuana candy and drinks. She opened my eyes and helped me see life from a new perspective. She helped heal my soul and for that I knew I was forever indebted. The time she stayed there in New Orleans she helped me big time with the tattoo shop and was inspiring to so many people that crossed her path. It was days after Mardi Gras, we hopped in my car and drove out to Paradise in San Diego. We both lived out of my car, couch surfed and after some time we went our separate ways once again. We both were living on a path of self destruction. Were both using crystal and put our values and goals on hold. She called me up one day and I never seen her so down and out and depressed and she wanted to die and commit suicide. In my mind, I was taking blame on her mistakes. I was a role model to her and I was not setting positive examples. Her spirit was heart breaking, i start noticing her cutting herself. I wanted to show her she couldn’t mask her beauty by covering her self with inflicting razor cuts, but I felt her pain ran much deeper than that. I wanted to bring light back into the eyes of her soul. So, i brought her to the beach, she put on a mermaid tail and I photographed her. With each photograph taken I can see the sand start to exfoliate and cleanse the dark thoughts that crossed her mind and started to letgo of the “E”go. I saw this young pretty girl lose such confidence in herself over the course of sands of time by drug abuse and people taking her kindness for weakness. My only wish for #her is she becomes the beautiful women that she is meant to be and her beauty keeps inspiring and her sou remains wild and free.


Linda Arnaud

I’m a 35 years young female, I go by the nickname YaYa. I am a daughter, sister, a cool Auntie, Friend, Spoken Word Artist, Protector and a Veteran. I am a follower of the spirit that speaks truth displays love, kindness and compassion.

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Linda Arnaud
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