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My Husband Wants To Leave Me Because I Cheated (I Cheated On My Husband and Now He Wants A Divorce)

Are you in a marriage where you're saying my husband wants to leave me because I cheated, and you have no idea where to turn now? Believe it or not cheating isn't always the end of a relationship. If you're in a situation where you're saying I cheated on my husband and now he wants a divorce, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

I cheated on my husband, these are words that in society should never be heard but unfortunately are heard way too often.

It seems more and more cheating is happening these days. Before we go any further though lets make one thing absolutely clear. In no way, shape or form is there ever an excuse or good reason to cheat on your spouse.

Of course every marriage runs into problems but the key is how couples deal with the problems that happen. It seems so easy to just walk away but you need to remember when you got married it was for better or worse. I cheated on my husband are words that you will never hear in your wedding vows.

In society it seems we make it to easy for couples to screw up their marriages. It seems that when each and every little thing goes wrong as a couple we never face the issue. We run away and in doing so we end up doing things that just are not right.

When will we learn in society that there is actually life after a honeymoon. Too many people think the great times of dating and the honeymoon will last forever.

I'm here, not to scare people away but to help them see the entire truth in a relationship. After the honeymoon the couples need to start understanding there are bills, jobs, children, mortgages and so forth. With all the added pressure it really is easy for one of the partners to move to things that really shouldn't happen.

A couple really needs to sit back and explore the things that are digging into their relationship and they need to deal with these things. There are 1000 alternative solutions to cheating. All cheating is going to do is make things a lot worse.

We live in a society where things are difficult enough without us adding a bunch of extra drama. Its a society of heart break for the world to work with. Its time we took a look around and see how good we have things and realize how bad things could be. We need to take advantage of the good things in our life.

In the world of what we are seeing the last thing we need to deal with is our partner cheating on us. There are a lot of bad things that go on in our world but one thing we should never have to hear are the words I cheated on my husband.

5 Powerful Tips on How To Fix A Marriage After Cheating

If you're thinking "I'm interested in saving my relationship" and you want to know how to fix a marriage after cheating, then this will help you as you try to survive infidelity in marriage.

Chances are that by now your spouse is aware of the fact that you have made a mistake and cheated on them. However, it is also possible that they are not aware and you are deliberating as to whether you should tell them or not.

Well, without reprimanding you and telling you what to do, I think you should consider how important your marriage is to you. If you would like to have a great marriage based on trust, love and commitment, then I think you owe it to your spouse to come clean, ensure that you have put a stop to the affair for good, and work very hard with your spouse to rebuild your marriage.

Once your spouse finds out that you have had an affair, they are going to be experiencing some very strong and uncontrollable emotions - anger, betrayal, hurt, resentment, confusion, self esteem crises, etc. You need to understand this and be ready for it. And even though you have apologised over and over again, your partner may just have problems feeling comfortable with you or trusting you, and is probably a fair bit away from forgiving you as the cheating spouse.

I have put together 5 tips that will help you greatly on your journey to saving your relationship getting your marriage back on track, once you have stopped the affair for good:

1. Make every effort to show your spouse that you are truly apologetic

The fact of the matter is that you hurt your partner, and if you value your marriage you will have to work extra hard to be deserving of forgiveness. This may take a while but as long as you say or do what is necessary to show how sincerely apologetic you are, this will help your spouse get the acknowledgement and validation he needs to progress towards forgiveness.

2. Be ready to work hard to save your marriage, and ask for your spouse's help

You have made a mistake, but the fact is that regardless of how hard you work, if your spouse has no interest in putting in some effort and helping you to repair the marriage, then things will go nowhere. So you need to take responsibility for what needs to be done, but remember to ask your partner for help and be extra sensitive to his/her responses and needs.

3. Be completely open and transparent

After your mistake, your spouse will be feeling very paranoid and will be finding it hard to trust you like before. And as your goal is rebuilding relationship trust, you need to do what you can to be open and transparent about everything you do. Be honest and forthcoming about where you are, make sure you can be contacted, make sure to call home if you're going to be late, etc. And don't think about it as taking permission or being accountable, but look at it as approaching a new level of openness and honesty in your marriage, a small price to pay for the health of your marriage.

4. Be accountable and be ready to answer questions about the affair

Your partner will have all sorts of questions - about the affair or about what may seem like the most meaningless things to you. When you get questions about the affair, you may find yourself being uncomfortable and inadvertently holding back details. This may be because of your shame, but your partner may construe this as dishonesty. So, as best you can, be open and answer any questions that come your way. This will be difficult at first but if you work at it, this will help greatly.

5. Do all that you can to prove yourself to be trustworthy

It will be hard to rebuild trust in marriage after infidelity. Very little that you say will convince your partner that you can be trusted again. But you need to allow for the emotional and psychological wounds to heal and this takes time. All you can do is stop the affair, be remorseful and show your commitment to your spouse and your marriage. And be realistic about and accepting of the fact that this will take time; some days will be easier than others. But keep trying.

At the end of the day, you need to realize that you're not a bad person - you just made a mistake. One that needs to be fixed and one that you have to bear the consequences for. But as long as you're looking for how to fix a marriage after cheating and you can say that "saving my relationship is my ultimate goal!" then it will only be a matter of time before you can make progress and finally survive infidelity in marriage.

The way to get your spouse back into your life after cheating is by rebuilding relationship trust. Before this can happen, there are some steps you need to take in order to heal your marriage after the affair.

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