My Ex. My Cousin. His Wife.

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The Era of Sister Wives.

My Ex. My Cousin. His Wife.

I committed a crime in early 2010 that would gift me a two year sentence in the Florida Department of Corrections. As new meat on the block, I was being pursued by many of the women that were trying to pass their time by having a little fun, and being 'gay for the stay,' a prison termed used for woman that have no interest in the same sex outside of the prison gates.

In August 2010 I would catch the eye of the 'queen bee' of the newbies. She was a career criminal, and was on her third or fourth trip. She would pursue me by showering me with commissary, and finding me work on the yard, whether that was cutting hair or writing poetry. In exchange for me being on her arm, I was given respect and protection (like I really needed protection). Our relationship was a two way street; it kept other females at bay, and I made her look even better.

At the end of August, I had caught the eye of another. She spotted me lining up for morning breakfast, and I wouldn't notice her until much later. The first thing that I noticed about her was her afro, and then the bow in her legs. She and I would become fast companions, and then eventually lovers. We were in prison together for six months, and that's all it took for us to fall for each other.

We kept in contact for the remainder of my sentence, and as promised, she was right there when I was released in April of 2012.

There is a lot more to the story, a lot happened while I was in prison without her, including me having another 'sex-ship' with a woman that I occasionally chat with to this day, and her not writing or having minutes on the phone when I would call, but for the purpose of this story it's not that important.

Fast forward to 2013...

My little cousin decided he wanted to end his career in the military, and needed a place to stay. I opened my home to him. My ex and him became fast buddies, as they liked to get high... all the time.

Because of my ex's all night drug use, and her insecurities about the relationship that I had in prison when she was absent, she again became absent. So I found someone who was present. Was it right? No.

In 2014 my cousin moved out, got married, and had a kid.

After my infidelity, and her staying out all night getting high, we were up and down, and never on solid ground again. We called it quits March of 2015.

I knew that my cousin and my ex remained friends, and it was what it was, but in October of 2017 I received a phone call that would change the way I saw things. The phone call told me that my ex and my cousin, along with his wife were now together. I called my cousin and he confirmed it, and said that he wanted to be the one to tell me.

I have since only talked to my cousin twice. Once when our cousin had a nervous breakdown, and went to jail, and another when our grandfather passed... and I saw her driving his truck the day before the service.

Funny thing is, she sees nothing wrong with being in a relationship with my cousin and his wife, and said that, of all people, I should not put her in a box, and why am I worried about who she is in bed with?

My response to her was:

I don't care who you are in bed with, it could be a cow, dog, or chicken, but if that cow, dog, or chicken is my cousin, that's where my issue lies.

Tanaine Jenkins
Tanaine Jenkins
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