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Music Therapy

Rock Out until you Clock Out

By Susan Eileen Published 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 3 min read
Music Therapy
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I first encountered music therapy during a 28 day rehab stint. It was helpful for so many reasons. First, you realize that your feelings are more common than you think. No matter what emotional turmoil you have been through, or any trauma you may have endured, someone has written a song about it. Second, it gets you out of your head. In sobriety, you can get trapped inside your head, and recovery is about letting those feelings out. Music helps you do that. Third, in writing music, I can tell the paper things that I can't tell the people in my life. Sometimes, I hide behind my music, until I'm ready to discuss things in person.

According to the show 100 Humans on Netflix - these are the benefits of listening to music.

1. Couples that listen to music together have more sex - I'm sure any successful couple can chime in here and agree.

2. Sex lasts longer - I'm sure musicians can attest to this.

3. Increase brain growth in premature babies - I can only surmise here the music gets the neurons and synapses firing, which increases brain growth. Using this theory, music should also help stave off dementia.

4. Teaching your child to play music improves attention problems - I read an article on LinkedIn that the number one trait employers are looking for is focus during this time of multitasking. Focusing on an intrument, or any hobby for that matter, improves focus.

5. Music alleviates depression - A recent study states that loneliness and depression can increase aging significantly. I'm for anything that helps keep me young.

6. Reduce stress - The lyrics will once again, get you out of your head and make you realize that you're really not all that unique, and neither are your problems. You're just a cog in the machine.

7. Improves cognitive function - Memorzing lyrics, even if done accidentally, will help keep those neurons and synapses firing and your brain alert even in your downtime.

8. Increases memory - It helps you recall the times in your life that a certain song was popular, helps you take a walk down memory lane if you will.

9. Helps moderate impulse control - it can help you practice the pause, meditate, and enhance a physical fitness program.

10. Low bass makes food taste better - I imagine this is why restaurants play music - music can make even the dreariest of locations, food, and company, seem more inviting.

I have found Music Therapy to be invaluable in my recovery program. Jelly Roll is bar one of my favorites, as is Shinedown. It has helped me realize that I am not as terminally unique, and neither are my problems, as I thought I was. My sober community on TikTok, is great for realizing this as well. I can have a friend in Budapest, for instance, that has the same life story as my own.

But I digress, these types of music are associated with these personality types according to a recent study:

OPERA – high self-esteem, gentle, creative.

CLASSICAL MUSIC – high self-esteem, quiet, introverted, creative.

JAZZ – high self-esteem, outgoing, calm, creative.

BLUES & SOUL – high self-esteem, outgoing, calm, gentle, creative.

REGGAE – high self-esteem, not hard-working, sociable, calm, gentle, creative.

COUNTRY & WESTERN – hard-working, sociable

CHART POP – high self-esteem, hardworking, outgoing, calm, gentle, not creative.

RAP – high self-esteem, sociable.

DANCE – sociable, creative.

ROCK & HEAVY METAL – low self-esteem, not hard-working, introverted, calm, gentle, creative.

I dispute some of the results internally, but I am not trying to be an armchair scientist. What you can do is look at this list, and see how the current music you're listening too, is related to your current mood.

No matter the reason you listen to music, rock out until you clock out!

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Susan Eileen

I am an aspiring writer currently writing a book on the Sober Revolution we are in the midst of, a book about essays that will change the way you think, and a novel about a serial killer. I am also working on a book of poetry.

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