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mental health talk

Goodness in talking about mental health

By Wes WesleyPublished 3 days ago 4 min read
mental health talk
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The statistical data shows that I could be one of the people I shook hands with, and it will certainly happen sooner or later, and I will have a mental disease at that time. Every year, it is estimated that about forty-three million people have to face the problem of mental illness. Therefore, it is demonstrated that there is a high rate of mental disease. Thus, why do we still refuse to discuss something that has always been there?

For instance, in October, the breast cancer awareness campaigns put everything pink, and in November, men grow all of their facial hair to support the prostate cancer cause. We are involved in various activities such as golf tournaments, 5Ks, galas and fundraisers which are used to raise money for the end of the big issues like cancer and heart disease. All of these are significant, but most of the time we forget that the main reason of disability in the country is mental illness and it costs about $200 billion in the lost earnings every year. Globally, it is the primary reason for the disability. The number of people aged 19, teenagers, and children who commit suicide is still increasing. The fame and the achievements of celebrities and other famous people cannot protect them from the suicide which kills thousands of people every year. The opioid crisis is the main reason for the deaths of our communities and it is costing the country more than $100 billion per year. On the other hand, mental illness is still a taboo which makes people reluctant to talk about it.

Think of the moment when you shook hands with my neighbor. What were some of the first thoughts that came to your mind?" A wonderful dress, cool shirt. . . . Hope there isn't any more audience participation?" How did I think differently after I brought the idea that one of us may be mentally ill? Of course, even the most open minds are human, and judgment is an inborn feature of being a human being. Nevertheless, the stigma forms when that evaluation becomes a prejudice, discrimination or even hate.

A serious stigma which has its origin in misunderstandings and preconceptions is called stigma. Mental illness is the most discriminated sickness or ailment in our society. Each day, we come across the stigma cases and we may not even be aware of them. You are very likely to meet an example of stigma either by reading the news, listening to the news, browsing social media, or overhearing somebody talking on the street or at work. The people who are stigmatized have more difficulties in getting the support they need, thus the cost of untreated mental illness in our community and our healthcare system rises.

Besides the ambiguity of the diagnosis is another reason for the unknown of the diagnosis of the mental disorders. The brain is just amazing, yet it has such a high complexity. Though the effect of the brain activity abnormalities in the study is still a mystery to the present, let alone the causes. The sources of the sickness are various, for example, biological, environmental, social, genetic, stressful and traumatic experiences. The nature of the operation of the brain elements in the way they are now is still not at all known. Unlike the back problems, cancer or diabetes, mental disorders cannot be detected with a scan, X-ray, or laboratory test. A mental disease to be diagnosed is dealt with only the subjective reports and observations because the mental illness is not viewed in the brain. Thus, it lessens the impact on a huge number of people in our society.

In addition to this fact, there are many erroneous assumptions that are created; many people believe that if a person has a mental illness he can manage it or heals and those who cannot do it are weak, lazy or foolish or have other negative traits. It would be out of the question for a person with cancer or a limb injury to stick to these rules. These myths are the cause of more misconceptions which is the most worst which is the fear of them. Mental illness is a cause of violence, instability, hostility and danger, therefore it becomes linked with the negative characteristics. This is a picture of mental illness that has been depicted again and again, but it is not truly like that.

These horrifying pictures of mental disorders are repeated in video games, television, movies, and social media. How many movie villains are mentally ill? Consider it. Thus, people with mental illnesses end up feeling confined and isolated, which consequently, they feel guilty and ashamed about their illness. Besides, it divides us into different groups and makes us work against them.

Thus, it can cause the problem of getting a job, a house or a partner. If these private matters are not sufficient, we can notice the infiltration of these myths into our legislative branch, which means the obstacles that these people need assistance to face will be reinforced. This is also reflected in the health care system where the majority of the medical personnel and providers have the same misconceptions that might have an effect on the treatment they give to the mentally ill patients.

The barriers that are put up are the reasons why almost half of adult patients with mental illness do not ever get the care or therapy they need. Mental healthcare is the most amazing thing; for each dollar that is spent on treating anxiety or depression, four dollars are returned in the form of better health and productivity. The therapy for mental illness is successful because of the fact that the outcomes are positive, the symptoms are controlled, and in some cases the remission happens. You may be surprised at the number of the successful people in our society who have overcome or are still battling with the mental illness. The brave talk of the first step is what will be given the go ahead. Isn't it about time to get rid of the stigma? Maybe a handshake will be sufficient.


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