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I’ll wait for you.


Memories will always be there no matter what happens. Remember February 2, 2018? I was at your birthday party and the moment you saw me, you had a glow in your eyes telling me that you still love me after years. You knew it was me the moment you saw me. After eight years being apart from each other’s lives. What do you think about that? Don’t you think it’s meant to be? Aren’t we supposed to be together? After all these years, you never stopped loving me. Deep, deep inside my heart I never stopped loving you either. I just didn’t have the courage to say it to you or to anyone because it would be silly—after all these years loving someone that I couldn’t see or I didn’t know where that person was? Well, I know those feelings are still there, somewhere in my heart waiting to burst out of nowhere and tell you. Tell you how I feel about you, but it’s not the right time.

I still remember the day, it was the first time I kissed your soft rosy cheek. Then you hugged me so tight you didn’t want to let go of me. You didn’t want me to leave, because you were scared that we would never see each other again. After a couple of months, we didn’t see each other at all. We would only see each other at parties. Once I saw you at the party I would run up to you and hug you. Even one time, you smelled like roses. And you know I love that scent. Whenever I saw you, I was pretty excited because once again I saw your cute face. We would be cuddling on the sofa. You were holding my hand, telling me that I have a small hand. I would simply say “shut up.” But you even told me it was cute how I got mad just because of that. When I didn’t see you, I would get sad and tear up, but I know at the end of day you loved me. When I had the chance, I would call you every day. Talking about many things we wanted to have in life. You said “I only want you.” Sometimes we would fall asleep on the phone and once you thought I was sleeping I heard you saying in a quiet voice “I love you” but I wasn't sleeping so, instead of being quiet, I screamed so loud telling you “I love you too!” Those three words sound so beautiful whenever you said it to me. It makes me fall in love with you even more.

The moment you said, “I love you,” I felt like my heart was glowing. Like, I had a warm feeling inside my heart that I never felt before. Also, don’t you remember I went to your house and I was running and you tried and tried to catch me but you couldn’t? Until, I gave up and you hugged me telling me that one day you'll take me to Paris. That was an incredible day because whenever you hugged me, I felt safe. I never thought someone can make me safe like you did. I just can’t wait 'til that day comes. I really want to go Paris with you and only you. Make more memories with you. I still remember the smallest thing you told me. When you told me that you had the special rock for me and you know that I collect rocks and you were just waiting for the right moment to give it to me, but you never did. I’m still waiting for that little rock. I know it sounds kind of funny and weird that I collect rocks. But for him and I, it’s nothing weird at all. I want you to know thank you for being back in my life.

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