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Me and My Boyfriend Just Broke Up and I Want Him Back (You and Your Boyfriend Split Up but You Still Love Him)

Are you in a panic right now thinking me and my boyfriend just broke up and I want him back? You're not alone, it's happened to many women before you. But the women who did the right things, and changed themselves in the right particular ways are the one's that ended up getting their ex back. This article will show you what to do when you and your boyfriend split up but you still love him.

By Michael HamiltonPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Me and My Boyfriend Just Broke Up and I Want Him Back (You and Your Boyfriend Split Up but You Still Love Him)
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I know right now you can't see it. Everything is so gloomy and you can't see pass today and if you do it's all scary stuff, a life void of meaning and happiness. Drop it now! Take it from me, your mind can't do the work for you right now. It's so shaky and vulnerable, so even when you can't control it right at this second, you can at least be assured that this is not the end. And that things will get better.

I've been in your shoes: many sleepless nights, desperate dreams, days spent crying and curling in bed wondering how you're going to survive with a heart so devastatingly crushed, so excruciatingly pained. The fear. The saltiness of extreme sadness like nothing else you ever imagined or experienced in your life before. The loneliness.

I got it. I have been to hell and back a few dozen times the last 11 months. I know how you're feeling; exactly, every minute of it; the struggle, the maddening conflicting strong currents of emotions, the depression. I've been through it all. There is nothing that stirs your equilibrium like a love lost.

If you have just broken up with your lover, don't waste as much time as I did suffering terribly. You could master the skills to cope with this agony while at the same time pave the way for him/her to go back to you SOONER! Don't make the same mistakes I did that delayed the reconciliation process.

The good news is getting your ex back is perhaps easier to do than you thought. The bad news is it takes a lot of work, not about focusing on the other person: to change him, to be on top of what he's doing, who he's seeing and what you can do to stop him from doing so, to manipulate him, make him think of or want/miss us (though there are techniques to do so but in the long run it's not about any of this), but mainly about working on oneself.

I heard that a lot: work on yourself, focus on yourself. I didn't really get the gist of what it meant -on the most substantive, intuitive level that is- until only recently after months of absolute heartache.

I found the answer: there is only one way to get your ex back to you, i.e. to make yourself happy, content and excited about life. To build your life separate from your ex and find it a source of endless enjoyment. To live life to the fullest. To love yourself first and foremost. To believe that you, for the sake of yourself, deserve to be loved and treated with utmost respect, no more and no less. You need to turn your life around to get the love you deserve, be it with your ex or with someone else -presumably better.

If you're not happy being with yourself, alone...there is little chance you will get on the reconciliation path with ease. And you need lots of peace of mind to keep yourself on track and sane during this trial and tribulation phase. If you mind is hooked and obsessed toward wanting to be with your ex, you'll be suffering and radiating so much neediness that in turn will translate into an aggravating and imbalanced behavior that will repel him/her.

At one point I even hired a coach to help me deal with myself. Yes, you yourself is your number one enemy in reconciliation process. You are plagued with self-esteem issues, not sure if you're worthy of love enough that your ex will want to go back to you. In your desperation you're doing the very things that drive him/her away further. Only when you can conquer yourself, you can conquer the world (with him in it). That's the timeless message of all sages of all time.

The experience of a broken heart is a life-changing one: the one in which you are forced to grow up fast. Even if you don't get your lover back, you will come out of this a better and wiser person and be a better partner in your future relationship. You can't skip this painful period, but you can shorten it and you can spring back to your feet sooner by learning from other people's experience.

Read this again: this is not the end of the world. Nope, it doesn't matter how bad you screwed up, how much you hurt him/her, how bad a fall-out you had. Every relationship has its mountains and valleys. You are at the rock bottom now, things can only get better. Believe in it (I know it's hard to do right at this second but you can at least fake it).

Understand this, you need to mourn so do mourn...but instead of wasting your time and energy mourning longer than necessary you can start getting yourself on the path of reconciliation. You can start getting yourself and your act together NOW. Stop the obsessive phone calls, text messages, begging, pleading, negotiating, crying, threatening, apologizing, persuading....all of that that comes instinctively after a painful breakup but only drives your lover away.

Yes, you can start now without their consent, without even their help, and without even contacting, begging, pleading, crying your heart out to them. You can start now by simply believing this is all temporary until you are reunited again and meanwhile it's time for you to get excited about life, about being independent and getting to do all the things you always planned to do but never got the chance to do them.

If you just put those worries about the future aside and just live your life NOW, you're half way on the path of getting back together with them. It sounds counter-intuitive but it's not. In fact worrying and doubt will delay reconciliation. You need to able to care less. Everything I say is so very hard in the beginning, but at least you can fake it.

Fake it for now, do whatever it takes to make you as if believing in it that your reunion with your lover is a GIVEN. It's only a matter of time. Once you get hold of yourself and take control of your wild-swirling emotions, everything else will come into place and what I say will start to make sense to you.

I've been where you are, so trust me. It took me months longer than I should have to get to the place I am now. So if you follow my advice you can shorten that suffering period. You can't trust your own negative thoughts right now. I'm writing a book of my experience in which I specify techniques and things I did to tame my crazy emotions. Whatever you hold in your mind will become your reality, such is the power of your mind.

The more you fear, the less certain the future as you want it will be. Remember, you need to make yourself happy first to get your lover back. So, don't waste your time, do it NOW. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy (anything legal/wholesome of course), no matter how sluggish and unmotivated you are right now. You can go back crying and curling in bed every now and then when you feel like it but there are so many things you can do to start cultivating happiness on your own.

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