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Ex Says He Loves Me But Doesn't Want To Be In A Relationship (My Ex Boyfriend Says He Loves Me But Doesn't Want To Be With Me)

elationship, and you're hurting. It does hurt, I know that. You're feeling liAlright, so you're saying my ex says he loves me but doesn't want to be in a rke your world is falling apart. You're wondering how you're ever going to be able to live without him again. Things change quite quickly once you realize oh my gosh, my ex boyfriend says he loves me but doesn't want to be with me.

By Michael HamiltonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

So your ex is acting really stubborn and doesn't want to take you back. All you can do is feel really desperate and hurt, and want to chase them more. But look at your life right now....what if your ex was suddenly made to feel EXACTLY the same way you feel now?

Read on to find out how you can make your ex take you back, when they don't want to....

Why do you feel this way...because it can be used to make your ex feel the same way

If you were to look at how you are feeling now, desperate, sad, depressed, etc... why are you really feeling this way? Look at the things your ex has said and done to you, and determine which things have directly made you feel this way.

This in turn will in fact make your ex feel that way when used on them, but keep in mind you also have many tools at your disposal, because you have known your ex for some time.

Since you have already known your ex for some time, all you have to do now is literally use everything you know about them to your advantage. Look at any time you made your ex irritated, mad, or simply made your ex feel lonely when you left.

What did you do to spark these feelings in your ex? Once you know, begin using these things, but in a slightly different manner to make your ex want you back.

The need for your approval

Humans seek the approval of others, without even realizing it, and some of us do it so much that it can actually determine what we will decide and choose for ourselves in the end. The chances are, that it works the same way with your ex, and that you can in fact make your ex take you back, simply by their need to ask for your approval.

To get your ex to ask for your approval with things, you can suggest that they are not what you want, or that they are anything less than your standards. This can be in literally any aspect, from physical looks, to thoughts, to lifestyle or anything you can think of.

You see, the instant people feel they are not accepted in something, they become insecure.

Sometimes they can get over the insecurities quickly, but in this case, your ex will not, because you are someone they used to like and love, and in turn will still subconsciously care about your opinion.

So each and every time you suggest to your ex that they don't meet your standards someone, you cause them to react in a manner that suggests they are trying to seek your approval, and you will find your ex doing the things you want afterward, and you can also use this to make your ex take you back for good.

How is it Possible to Get Back Together With Your Ex

In cases where a person might be saying, "I want to get back together my with ex," some real, in-depth soul searching is in order. If this is you, saying you want to get back together with my ex, you should consider well the reasons for the break up in the first place. If you gloss over the problems that existed and you do happen to get back together with your ex, you will do nothing but repeat history.

No one likes to feel pain and remembering the bad things about a broken relationship brings nothing but pain. People prefer to avoid pain, so the memories that crop up tend to be the good ones, while bad ones are ignored in the hopes of forgetting them. It's easy to dismiss the bad memories and that path leads to trouble. One tends to forget the problems that came with the relationship. Suddenly, the possibility to get back together with your ex looks very real and very promising.

But, if you think you want to get back together with your ex, you really should ask yourself the tough questions. Is the relationship worth the effort to save? Was there more fighting than loving going on? If the two of you spent more time sabotaging each other than supporting, then you both might be better served moving on with your lives.

It might be possible to save a broken relationship, of course, but it won't happen if both of you don't do some seriously deep soul searching. If the answers you come up with point to the possibility of reuniting, then the rest of this article will be of some benefit to you. Read on.

Right after the break up is not a good time to pester someone with incessant calling or messaging or texting. You both need time to come off the emotional roller coaster. In doing so, in giving yourself time to think clearly, you can begin to do the necessary work of understanding what went wrong and what needs to change if you ever hope to get back together with your ex. So don't harass your ex. No emails, no phone calls, no texting, at least not at first.

Besides, doing so only makes you look desperate, and everyone knows no one wants a partner that looks foolish. You will never get back together with your ex if you act a fool. So, when the time comes that you will actually get together to talk things over, don't whine, don't beg, don't plead.

Accept now that the relationship is over. You can't go back and change things, and certainly, even if you could, it wouldn't guarantee that things would go any better. What needs to happen now is the space and time for each of you to figure out what it really is that you want in a relationship.

Then, when it comes time to talk, you two can discuss how to get back together with your ex by building a better, stronger foundation, by understanding what each other needs. A good relationship is a supportive one. The only way to get back together with your ex is to understand that and apply it.

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