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Match Made In Origin

by Elle Kim 2 years ago in humanity
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Finding Your Match Comes First

Match Made In Origin
Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Dear Human,

Finding your Match comes first, then everything else.

The Great Creator first put us on Terra to find our Match and play its game for our expansion, for Terra is the closest catapulting contraction point to us in the Cosmos. We can do whatever we want there, but if we don’t find our Match (our Other that the Creator designed for us) and have at least one biological child with them before our human death, we “lose” the game.

When we die on Terra, we awaken in our Origin Place regardless if we win or lose (if we find our Match or not). But if we lose, we lose privileges both here and there. If we win, we gain them. We may lose rank, money, or we may be barred from traveling to other realms or planets for a period if we do not end up with our Match at the end of our human life. Although not uncommon, it is a great transgression here to not fight for one’s Other and one’s Family and give in to lesser Terran ways. We do not take it lightly. Losing, that is either ending up with or choosing a non-match during our Terran lifecycles, could affect our children back in Origin and on Terra, ranking them below others in their age class.

It is common for young Origins to turn their back on other young Origins completely if their parents lose the game too often on Terra, but it is not always the case. Changes have happened and more and more Origins are becoming more tolerant. However, tolerance from other Origins does not change lost privileges or stop the negativities that enter the Home and cause rifts every time there is a loss.

If a Match loses, other Origins will judge their marriage as not being strong enough and their marriage could fall apart. If that happens—if a Match’s marriage falls apart in the Origin Place from too many losses—all of their memories will be wiped out. They will go back into Terra indefinitely while their children remain in Origin Place with Guardians, leaving them with no way to know of Origin.

Usually, when we go into Terra, it is by choice. We can opt-in if we are confident enough in the marriage—it is a fun place for us despite the potential consequences. Matches don’t go into Terra doubting they will win, just that once there, most of our markers and memories are erased. It is only through the quality of practice, preparation, and programming that we do before going into the third realm that guides when we are there. All Matches who go in for fun believe that they have written exceptional programming and code that will allow their Terran selves to find each other again, in love. Sometimes, Origins are too confident.

The lost souls end up there too; in its unspeakable corners. But The Great Creator loved us so much that They gave us the chance to get back to Origin Place even after losing many times. When we die on Terra without our Match, we go back to Terra and we keep going back until we find our Match. When we do, then we can return. You see, every being in Origin Place has a Match. We only have one, forever.

Some Origins take the risk to go to Terra, despite it being an inferior planet, because they want to experience human love and have human fun. Going on a “first date" and having a glass of “Merlot”—a favorite human drink of Origins—while eating delicious human food with someone who may or may not be their Match, is a fun idea to Origins. You see, on Terra, we do not know if the human we love is our Match or not; in that way, it is like gambling. We find out after. Although fun and exciting, this practice can destroy Families.

The most painful part about losing, or so I have heard, is when all memories of every Terran and Origin lifetimes lived are remembered upon returning to Origin Place after Terran death. When a Match wins all the time, they only have memories with their Other. But once there is a cycle of loss followed by a win, for example, the life lived without their Other return too. Such can cause permanent damage for Origin Families (but not always), as Terra can be a place of evil and sin, but also because an Origin's Match is their reason for being. Origins who fall into the trap of third-dimensional Terran ways never believe themselves capable of it. Such evil and sin do not exist in Origin Place… It is a very unpleasant thing to fail on Terra and bring the evil and sin to Origin Place, which is why so many turn their backs on those who lose, in fear of becoming corrupted.

Origins are true monogamists, it is our nature. We were designed to be so; to fail our nature is to fail our Great Creator—a great regret for us. Some well-known Origins have archived their experiences, saying that it is a difficult realization to have loved another Origin’s Match (or other race, for there are other races on Terra) so deeply, albeit as human. Some controversial archivers express wonder as to who their Terran lover is in Origin Place or if they are from another race… Remember, Origins only know if they lost after Terran death.

For some, once their memories return, they may recall with deep emotion and sentiment the many Terran years they spent with their non-match, sharing real human love and memories. Even for an Origin, such memories are visceral and can be hard to easily brush aside. However, not one Origin has expressed the desire to change their Match once in Origin Place; they simply wish to know.

In Origin Place, the original Match has always trumped all of an Origin’s non-matches, in all of Time. Origins who can easily make light of their Terran lifecycle losses are often referred to as "psychopaths." Sometimes, I can relate to "psychopaths" because Terran years are much shorter. Still, humans are so emotional and complex, it is hard not to feel deep passion about human life, relationships, and lifestyles.

The young Origins are watched by Guardians, in Origin Place. They cannot go to Terra until their parents win eighteen times, with no more than one loss in between every win. If the parents lose twice in a row, the count must restart before they can go. Time is not so linear here, unlike in Terra. By eighteen, young Origins already know their Match. For first-timers, their first Terran match is always their Other—this is the Creator’s design.

I know my Match already. We are set to live our first Terran lifecycle after both of our parents reach eighteen wins—just one more for me, and two more for my Other. Because my Other is my Match, I must wait two more human lifecycles. According to my calculations, that is equivalent to waiting eight months in human years. To pass time, my Other and I, have been exploring Ursa Major and practicing our programs a lot. We have yet to decide what age we will meet.

The “love” we have is very great. It is a “soul connection,” as humans call it. But actually, it is more than a “soul connection." Origin Matches are. There is no other. It is everything. Instantaneous, since conception. It is all we know. I do not think there are human words for what us Origins feel for our Other. I do not think “soul mates” suffice neither.

I am very confident that my Other and I will always win on Terra. I know some Origins have said the same thing and lost, but I truly believe we will win. I am writing this letter to help me find my Match. While I do not need to worry about my first Terran lifecycle, as it is just a practice, I want to learn as much as possible so we can win all the time.

My Other is also very passionate about the Terran game, my Other’s parents—my Guardians—have only lost one out of seventeen Terran lifecycles. My parents lost three; I do not want that. After their first loss, it was really hard for them to accept it. We lost certain visiting privileges, such as being banned from both Orion and Draco. Our Family was also banned from Terra's solar system which meant I could not go to Jupiter and Mars when my class went during that lifecycle. As for my punishment because of my parent’s third loss, I am now going to be in the American middle-class instead of upper. If my parents lose again, which they will not (they are better than ever with eleven consecutive winning streaks—considered quite good in Origin Place), but if they do, they will have to take on more Guardian duties on Terra.

While there are plenty of bad that can happen, like remaining stuck on Terra consumed by evil and sin for an unprecedented amount of time even for Origin standards, there are also plenty of privileges and good that can be gained from it.

If we lose, we lose privileges, but if we win, we gain them. Every time a Match wins, the more they expand. If they choose not to play, which some Origins do (they take breaks), they remain the same. It isn’t as horrible as it sounds to “remain the same” in Origin Place, unlike in Terra, where to remain the same means “staying stuck” or "living in fear." Origins are “contented” at all times, but because it is in our nature to expand, we do.

This may not make much sense to you, human, but it will when you get here, to Origin Place. It will when you return Home. Until then, enjoy the human things we do not have here, like the drinks made from grapes called “wine” or “plastics” which can be used to contain anything. I am most excited about trying Merlot, I've heard many wonderful things about how it makes the human body feel.

Yes, I look forward to the other human things too, like “hugging,” “kissing” or “making love.” We do not have that here in Origin Place, for we are always in ecstasy even after a loss. I guess you could say, we are always making love here in Origin Place. It is strange to explain but suffice it to say, we do not feel pleasure in our “bodies”—we feel pleasure in our “souls”—although I still do not think there is an exact human word for it. Orgasmic pleasure, ecstasy, love… those are instant and come at will for us.

Lastly, human, of all the archives I’ve read, I’ve found some common themes when it comes to finding your Match that I’d like to share.

  1. Apparently, following your “soul” and thus “heart,” helps. Not completely sure what that all means but I’ll find out!
  2. Faces. If you see a resemblance in your human faces and aren't blood-related, or if they look familiar to you, they may be your Match. Finding this indicates you are close. This is a practice that Origins may use; they can create physical markers in their human bodies to help recognize each other. For instance, you may share a birthmark or a similar feature with your Match, such as ears that stick out.
  3. Lastly, on a first Terran date, hold your glass of Merlot up to their face and peer into their eye through the glass. Hold it there for a couple of minutes. If they are still keen or ask you out for a second date after that, then they may be your Match.


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Elle Kim

Writing and books are my safe places. The adventure books I’ve read as a young girl are still my favorite!

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