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Count me out.


Why get married? No, seriously why? What’s in it for me? A lifetime companion, a best friend, a live in lover? Is that it? No, I ask you what do I get out of a it?

In a time where money is everything, at what cost is a legal contract worth committing to? Sure love is free but it is full of compromise. Can someone truly commit without the promise of money to fulfill you?

For me growing up in what would be considered below middle class and coming from a family of divorce, I often witnessed the arguments my parents had were due to financial stress and hardships. It struck a cord with me. I mean, if money wasn’t an issue, how many people might still be married today?

I learned at a young age that marriage was tough. If I couldn’t reach a level of financial freedom to where I felt comfortable with what I could contribute then who was I to subject another to my financial instabilities?

Now there are other reasons people may join in holy matrimony. Things like religion, lust that’s somehow become love overnight, or maybe you’ve settled? Whatever the case may be; though let’s be real money can and will rip the seams of that tight bond you have right apart.

The level of money smarts you possess will become the greatest gift to someone with whom you choose to spend your life with. Someone who not only can manage their money but who can invest in a plan for the future with both of you in it. If by some unforeseen force of nature you should loose your job they can and could take your portion of the bills and have it covered. No worries no strains. That is if you have a portion on of bills to pay. I mean that would only be fair right?

Maybe it’s not the marriage part or the money part of it all. Maybe it’s the growing up and being an adult part. Taking responsibility for the things we do and the choices we make. Holding ourselves accountable for the things we choose to spend our money on and controlling the guilt for the blame we place on others.

Can you do it? Can you choose love over money? Will that fulfill you in the end? Money has always been my security blanket. That nest egg I’ve built to get me through a quick six months should I ever become unemployed one day. Everyone should have one married or not.

So yes, money. May not be the most romantic part of a marriage but it is certainly the most practical and hey isn’t practicality the main reason people marry anyway?

Amarie C
Amarie C
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