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Manly Skills That Seriously Impress Women

When it comes to woo-ing the girl of your dreams, you'd be surprised at what manly skills seriously impress women.

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Let's just face it - certain skills a person can have are sexy, impressive, and just plain cool. Certain manly skills, too, can be a downright turn-on for certain women.

Though most people might say that there are no real "skills" that are masculine or feminine in nature, the fact is that there are definitely some skills that impress each gender and make people marvel at their sexy traits.

Guys who want to impress dates don't have to whip out big bucks to do so. Rather, the following skills will do more than enough to impress most girls looking for Mr. Right.

Fixing Things

While this may not be the most politically correct thing to say, the vast majority of women out there don't know how to change a tire, fix a car engine, or repair plumbing issues in the house. So, when they see a man who is capable of doing that, it's hard not to be a little impressed.

In fact, there's actually quite a few women out there who get a bit hot under the collar for a working guy. Don't shy away from doing a little bit of housework - it could get you numbers.

Being Dapper

ZZ Top was right when they said that "Every girl's crazy for a sharp-dressed man."

The sad part is that the masculine art of looking good in a tailored suit, streetwear, or casual wear is one that most guys never really care to master. There's absolutely nothing wrong with looking put together, clean, and groomed as a guy.

Some of the most masculine men in history were known for their excellent fashion sense. Cassanova, Lord Byron, and Lothario were all famous for looking great - as well as being charming in that soft, approachable way. Needless to say, dressing well can get a lot more interest from girls than dressing like a shlub.


No, we're not talking about the way that frat bros in Alpha Sigma Sigma guzzle beer until they puke. We're talking about the ability to drink wine, rate liquor, and prepare a good cocktail.

Drinking, when done in moderation and in good taste, shows that you're sophisticated. It shows that you appreciate the finer things in life. And, to a point, it can show a little savoir faire.

There's something about this sexy manly skill that just makes you look like an intellectual. If done right, this is a skill that can really impress women who are foodies, cocktail fiends, and urban sophisticates.


No, this doesn't mean driving 90 miles per hour, doing donuts, and racing down the highway against other testosterone-fueled idiots. The manly skill of driving is one where you are capable of driving both manual and automatic gears, and where you are able to drive a car in a way that doesn't scare women.

Too often, guys assume women want to see them drive like they belong in a The Fast and the Furious movie sequel. This isn't true. Women are way more turned on by men who make them feel safe in a car than men who make them worried about insurance rates.


Today is an age where many, if not most, men are dependent on parents, spouses, and trust funds to make their way. This isn't sexy to women. In fact, it's probably not even that awesome for the guys who act this way, either.

Most women don't want to feel like they have to financially support their partners. They don't want to have a grown baby to look after. But, in the dating pool, that's basically all they ever see.

If you want to really show women that you're the kind of man they should want, show off the fact that you're financially, personally, and socially independent. It's not an easy skill to flex, but it is the manliest skill a guy can have.

Self Defense

This is one of those manly skills that you should hopefully never have to flaunt. While it's never fun to actually have to defend yourself in a fight, the fact of the matter is that it's still really impressive to see a guy fight a mugger, a bully, or someone else who's trying to cause trouble.

It doesn't take much to disarm a person, and in most cities, they offer self-defense classes that can teach you how to do it with minimal skills. As long as, you don't use this manly skill for evil, chances are that it will really serve you well in the way women perceive you.

Actual Manners

There seems to be a huge, massive disconnect between what most men think is manners and what real manners are. Real manners are hard to come by these days.

Fake manners are the kind of actions Nice Guys do to women they like. You're not actually polite if you only are nice to people you want to sleep with. People who have real manners also don't insult women who reject them.

No, real manners take a lot of self control and culturing to obtain. It's a manly skill that women do notice, and that women do appreciate - contrary to what Nice Guys say.

Sex Skills

Yes, this is a manly skill that can count for a lot.

Nobody wants to be with a guy who's a total flop in bed. If you know how to massage her G-spot, give her good cunnilingus, and kiss her the right places, she will remember that - and will come back for more.

A word of caution, though. Don't brag about these skills or beg to show her, or do other similarly cringe-inducing things to get her to sleep with you. Let her find out the best way possible: through experience.

Telling A Good Joke

There's something to be said about a guy who has a killer sense of humor. Manly as a skill as this is, the fact is that both men and women can appreciate a guy who can make them laugh. It's why famous comedians like George Carlin, George Lopez, and many others always get such a warm reception wherever they go.

Even if you aren't the most natural at comedy, try to learn one or two good jokes that you can tell at a bar. Getting a girl to laugh is a manly skill that can lead to getting a number later on.

Being Fun At Parties

Social skills are a must with men, primarily because it often can tell women how much fun they can have with you. If you want to be popular with the ladies, learn how to have fun at a party without actually forcing people to pay attention to you.

Doing things like learning to play an instrument, telling a joke, dance, or even just listening to people talk about themselves can make a huge impact on how popular you are at parties - and with the ladies.


If you don't think that cooking is a manly skill, please ask culinary fans like Snoop Dogg, Gordon Ramsay, or Matthew McConaughey. Cooking is an incredibly masculine skill and it's one that girls very rarely get to see guys flaunt.

There's a reason why girls love to see men cooking in the kitchen. It's rare, it shows empathy, and it also shows that their date may be more willing to help out with housework. Nice? Absolutely.


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Mackenzie Z. Kennedy

Socialite and dating guru Mackenzie Kennedy knows all about the inner workings of people and society as a whole. It's not only her lifestyle - it's her passion. She lives in Hoboken with her pet dogs, Cassie and Callie.

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