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by Kim Hansen 3 months ago in advice

An angel and devil

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Love is a lot of things. Love can be a light, that makes you get butterflies in your stomach. It can make you smile the moment you wake up to when you fall back asleep and it makes you think positive about anything. Love can also be a darkness, that gets in your mind and eats at you. It can make you go mad with tears to the point where icecream and chocolate is just not enough. Love is confusing, but it can take a lot of turns.

First things first, sometimes you don't get the love that you want. With how many times I would fall in love and it would never turn out right, I could be a millionaire. People tell me, that you can't look for love. You have to let it come to you. It's a natural thing though, for people to just look for love or a relationship. It's natural to look at someone and think, "They are really cute, I wonder if I should ask them out. Are they the one for me?". I am sure everybody has asked that question to themselves at least once in their life if not more. Love is never easy though, and you are going to have plenty of fails before you find the right road. It's as if cupid is making practice shots before shooting the final arrow at the right guy or gal.

Don't let it get to you though, because life is not just about finding somebody. You need to find yourself. Their are gonna be plenty of heartbreaks, plenty of fake love, and plenty of fish are in the sea.

Part of me doesn't know why I am writing this, maybe its because I need to let my thoughts go and the best way to do it is to just write them down. It might be because I want to reach out to other people who are also having the complicated emotions that I am having, because it's hard to go through these emotions alone. Love is a very funny thing, and also a very dangerous thing. People get emotionally hurt, but some also get physically hurt from love. It can be a kick in the guts, but we get through it.

We go for what we can't have. I may be repeating myself, but I feel like its necessary at this point. We never take the easy route and we never see th eobvious that may be in front of us sometimes. I had a chance with somebody, but I was too afraid to say anything. I found out later on that he did love me, but we never faced eachother about it. Instead we hung onto the rope and never decided to pull till the day we just let go. I am still really close to him, but sometimes I think of what could have been if I had told him earlier. How different would my life have been if I had pulled the rope instead of letting go. He is happy though, and I can't do much else except move on and keep doing what I need to do. Plus, I would rather have him in my life as mt best friend than as nothing at all.

I go through situations in the love category so easily. It's as if im changing my clothes three times a day but instead of clothes its the idea of love. I loved a man, he loved me, but the relationship hurt me mentally. He was rough, and I didn't realise till it was too late that you can't change everybody. No matter how perfect you may be, sometimes it just can't become better. You make mistakes in finding love, but it shouldnt stop you.

I am dealing with a situation again, even now. I love a guy and I told him. He isn't trying to be in a relationship though, because life is already hard enough with what's going on. We have our moments though, those moments when it seems like the stars are aligning and everything looks just right. When you look into their eyes and just can't get away or move on from it. It might be a trick up the sleeve, or a lie to keep me coming back to the danger zone, but I fall for it everytime.

If your still reading this, then thank you for taking the time. A lot of people are most likely having a better time than me with love, but I needed this off my mind and off my chest. Reply with anything that you may want to say, or if you want to share your story too I will listen, or in better terms read. Like or follow this story if you would like, and if you have any advice.... then I always appreciate another opinion. It can be good or bad, but usually everyone has something to say about what they see or hear. Again, follow if you'd like because my next written works are most likely going to be poems with possibly a few story entries if anything comes to my mind. I would appreciate a like or something to show others are willing to take the time for this and just remember.....


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Kim Hansen
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