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Love's Ascent on Ruoding Mountain

The Love Story of Chen and Liu on Ruoding Mountai

By JulygwynetPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
 Love's Ascent on Ruoding Mountain
Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash

Chen, a country guy, and Liu, a city girl, have a unique love story that is captured in the enthralling film "Your World Without Me." They come from various backgrounds, but they share a common goal: to create a home atop the mountain.

In Abu's narrative, or rather, Chen Jianyong's, a 34-year-old young man, he had already built his home before the arrival of his girlfriend, but it was not as aesthetically attractive as represented in the film.

Chen was born into a poor family in Cam Tu, Sichuan Province, at the foot of the Ruoding Mountain, with the towering Gongga Snow Mountain rising at 7,500 meters - the tallest in Sichuan. This location is more than simply a haven of natural beauty; it is also a source of inspiration for love and dreams.

Chen, then 20, began erecting a wooden house on the mountain's summit in 2008, despite the fact that there were no established roads and construction materials had to be hauled up physically. Chen's passion and hard labor have transformed the terrain, as he personally built the roads, procured water, and established a power grid.

Since 2014, the number of tourists visiting Ruoding Mountain has constantly increased due to improved infrastructure.

Liu Yina, a 23-year-old master's student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, camped at Ruoding in 2015 to take in the landscape. She recalls negotiating a lodging rate owing to financial constraints, and Chen gladly agreed. "My initial impression of him was a generous and straightforward man," she went on to say.

Liu Yina was drawn to Chen Jianyong's romantic and humble personality over the course of two days. "He would leisurely walk his dog on the picturesque hill, seemingly unconcerned about the outside world." I was envious at the time since I was so focused on my work. "What he did touched the most tender part of my heart," she explained.

Liu Yina returned to her city life after their trip, and the two stayed in touch via the internet. Chen would pay Liu visits on occasion. During these visits, the girl would take the kid to see movies and musicals in order to help him understand her world. They eventually admitted their affection for each other.

Liu Yina quit her work and moved in with Chen Jianyong after five years of long-distance love. In addition to continuing to build and enhance the gorgeous area of Ruoding Mountain, they hope to boost the local economy by selling local dishes via live broadcasting.

Chen noted that the number of visitors has stabilized since 2018, with peak days seeing 300-500 guests. "The land on the mountain top belongs to the village as a whole." The locals have faith in me and have given me permission to continue building. "They get dividends," Chen explained.

As local tourism flourishes, many young people prefer to stay in their hometowns rather than seek employment abroad. Entrepreneurs see economic prospects in the village and have begun renting and repairing ancient buildings. Many homes in the village, led by Chen, have also renovated rooms, making them available for rent and increasing their income.

"In the 15 years devoted to cultivating Ruoding Mountain, each endeavor not only marked my personal growth but also brought prosperity to the community that surrounds me," Chen reflected with a deep sense of fulfillment. "Witnessing the positive transformation of the area and the improved livelihoods of the local residents fills me with a profound sense of accomplishment."

He continued, a warm smile gracing his face, "Moreover, this mountain holds a special place in my heart, for it was here that I crossed paths with the love of my life." Chen's eyes sparkled with gratitude as he spoke of the mountain that not only became a canvas for his dreams but also the backdrop for a love story that would forever be etched in his heart.


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