Love Lost?

by Razi'El Muntasir about a year ago in love

Let there be an undying love.

Love Lost?

Sometimes we feel that “true love” will last forever and because we “separate,” we feel the “love is lost.” When most of the time, it is us who have failed to love or accept love. No work. No growth. No word. No amendments. Love has not failed nor has it tricked us. The “love” will always be there (somewhere) but, like any other form of energy, it transforms, never to be destroyed nor lost.

Failure to realize that sometimes WE are the ones who are the driving forces in these transformations and shifts, leaves us feeling powerless, lonely, depressed, etc. We direct/redirect these feelings/energies, contrary to what we are often told. Those of us in witting control of this tend to experience far less sadness and fear of such things (though sadness and fear are necessary too). This is largely due to our ability to shift the focus/energies toward someone/something else or inwardly. We could even leave the love where it is and still move on, for the betterment of self and/or others. It is occasionally important to deal with these issues outright, never to leave them unresolved, as long as we are not attached to the results of “closure.”

Although, it may not always be best to shift focus. Perhaps, in some instances, it will behoove us to evolve into the purpose of that particular union. The reason for your meeting. This is where wisdom (the combination of knowledge, experience, emotions and logic) kicks in, to decipher when to work or when to walk. This is like a super-power. One that those whom wish us to remain stagnant and powerless do not wish us to know. Control this and you control one of the greatest forces humanity has ever known... Love. Love, like hate, tends to consume us and compels us to do extraordinarily great things. It is our focus (or lack thereof) of this energy that will predominately determine the outcomes of much in our lives.

Some would argue that love is “unexplainable” or “love does not exist,” that “love means something else to everyone” or even that “everything is love.” Perhaps... but that is irrelevant to my points. Furthermore, that thinking renders “love” useless to you or at least out of your control, leaving you powerless... again. As for “everything is love,” this is from the perspective of the “ALL/God,” which creates and allows all there is, with NO exceptions. Our forms do not readily afford us such luxuries. This is obvious with our needs, which mandate limitations, creating a “good/love,” “neutral/indifference,” and “bad/hate/fear” (and various combinations of the trinity).

From our life experience and from our physical/mental points-of-perception, essentially, that would mean a kiss on the cheek and a slap in the face are equal in love. Both a hug and rape are identical acts of love too, along with murder, pedophilia and so on and so forth. This is not practical and serves to confuse and dis-empower the individual. Also, this is in direct violation of not only self-preservation, but betterment for all.

Moreover, the implications of the word, coupled with the actions produced from it, along with the results that it yields, are far more important to the enrichment of your life experience than the word itself and undoubtedly more significant than the philosophies others attribute to it. Therefore, these things expressing love DO exist, they CAN be explained and demonstrates love is many things but certainly not “everything”, by definition. Yes, this means all of our many senses can recognize love, because of its difference in vibration/frequency. Though, at times, we must pay close attention to what our spirit, body and minds are receiving and transmitting about love. It might contradict what we are actually living.

Nonetheless, love only feels like it is a wild-card; an uncontrollable random lottery pick... but it is not. Love is there and will always be there. It is a constant, despite what the times and situations may bring about. It is there for our benefit, as is with hate, believe it or not. They are tools for our well-being. Use love and be used by love considerately.

Sincerity & comprehension,

Razi'El Muntasir

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Razi'El Muntasir
Razi'El Muntasir
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