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Love Came Unexpectedly When We Found Our Intuition

by Desiree Driesenaar 2 months ago in love

Singing marriage in COVID times.

Me and Mike. © Jolyn. Approval to publish here. Nowhere else

2020. Our time frame is all about the pandemic. Economic misery. Ecological destruction. Conflict. Violence.

2050. Our grandchildren will be in their 30s. What will they see?

This. Their grandparents signing marriage in strange conditions.

Time is always on our side. Although many people don’t realize it. They only see the current troubles in life.

And what do we do? Mike and I? We sign for a future together. We’re on a path. And we walk this path together. In love.

Yesterday, we signed.

Today is a normal day again.

And tomorrow, we’ll take another step in building a better future.

We live our lives, walking our talk. And love has a large influence on our footsteps. The world needs love so badly! Humans are not meant to divide and rule! Humans are meant to be wise. To find solutions together. Humans are meant to listen deeply to each other and to embrace diversity.

Humans are meant to live as part of ecosystems, so our planet won’t be destroyed anymore. But regenerated instead. It can be done. But we must want it badly. In our hearts. And in our souls.

Yesterday, we signed for our future. And the future of our children and grandchildren. For their children’s children. We signed for love.

This is our story. With some tips on how the universe can be your dating agency as well.

Nature’s Five Dimensions

We lived a big chunk of life before we got together, Mike and I. The universe brought us many times to the same places. But always in different years.

Location: West-Netherlands. When Mike was 3, he lived in the same street as I did when I was 30. When we visited again together, it was so strange. He said: the pond looked so big! And I said: it was just a small pond close to the supermarket to me.

Location: East-Netherlands. When Mike was 10, he lived in the same town where I spent my intern year. I was 20. A town with memories of my first job. My starting career. And he was just a kid whose life turned upside-down.

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland. Mike went there in his teens. I was in my 40s when I walked on Kilt Rock and dipped my toe in the Fairy Pools. Many more hiking travel locations held both our footsteps at different times. We both love nature. And hiking.

Location: South-Netherlands. When we first saw each other's souls, we were both well in our 50s. It happened while building a food forest. Restoring the soil and planting trees. We had been part of the same group for a while. Not knowing. Not recognizing. Just being friendly and living our lives. Alone. Healed. Contented.

Mike saw my soul first.

He was patient. He told me what he saw, but I wasn’t ready. I was planning to spend the rest of my life without a fixed life partner. I was finally free! The first two parts of my life had been about youth (25 years) and career, and marriage (23 years). In the third part of my life, I just wanted Purpose with a capital P.

It was time to live a life worth living and give back to the planet who had sustained me for so long in life.

Purpose had swept me into a fast-flowing river in 2013. I had many international sisters to keep me company. And I needed my focus. To give my Purpose flesh and blood. I had found my own, unique walk of life. And nothing, nobody was going to stop me.

But the universe is a force to be reckoned with.

She had other plans. She was so glad that she finally got the timing right. The 4th dimension was up for grabs. Time and space were aligned this time.

And she added some 5th dimension to the recipe. Some gravity to keep our feet firmly grounded. And some electromagnetism to create full-blown attraction.

The wind was blowing and all she had to do was get us both into the airflow. She must have been laughing out loud! Mike and I are opposite poles alright. The law of nature was all we needed to be attracted to each other.

Let me tell you, Mother Nature beats dating sites big time!

If we would have tried a dating site, we would never have ended up together, I guess. Too different on the outside. Too hesitant to show our true colors.

So instead, time and space merged. We were brought together in the same location at the same time. And the 5th dimension of gravity and magnetism did the rest. Gaia saw our souls so clearly. And she worked hard to overcome the images we had built for ourselves.

She labored to make love happen.

Life Is Made for Loving

Spring 2018, we were drinking wine on the veranda of my small house in the woods. Mike’s patience paid off. I liked him. Really liked him. But I was also planning to tell him that there was nothing more. I had my Purpose.

But during our conversation on the veranda, Mike’s eyes showed his wisdom and I drowned in them. That day I decided to jump. What’s a life worth when we don’t dare to jump into love?

Life is made for daring.

Life is made for sharing.

Life is made for love, lover, lovest.

In the two years that followed, we found out we have so much in common. A love for nature, for oceans and water. A love for fairness and justice. A love for listening and observing. A love for the simple life.

And a talent for unconditional love. A talent for embracing diversity.

So, in 2020, COVID times, we signed our commitment.

Our grandsons are now 5, 4, and 1. They’ll grow up in a world of unrest and refugees. Bushfires and floods. And the cause of all this misery is clear when we zoom out and view the world from a distance.

We are living in a broken world. A few ultra-rich people can buy safety and pretend that everything is normal on their yachts, eating caviar. All other people and the planet as a whole suffer. We’ll need to align the economy, ecology, and the human spirit if we want to survive as humanity on this planet.

Mike and I are glad we can face this time frame together. And contribute wherever we can to make a difference.

Love is our heartbeat. And we still wonder about the 5th dimension...

Ready for Love?

So, what’s the take-away? How can you follow in our footsteps and hear Gaia’s call? Benefit from her universal dating support?

These three steps will surely help.

1. Raise Your Awareness

The world is not only a rational place where we hurry to and from work. With a little sleep, food, and sex in between. The world is made for watching and feeling and being aware of the energy around us.

It took me a while to train my body and mind to be more than just rational. But I’m so glad I did it! It gives my life depth and meaning. You can also train your body and mind to be more aware.

You can learn how to let go of thoughts and emotions and create space in your head and your heart. This space will be very useful for unexpected events to emerge. Like love.

Meditations can help. I still use the Roots and Sky meditation from Tree Sisters to make space in my head and my body. Along with core energetics, the WHM breathing exercises, or the Power of Now.

Mike made space, meditating on a mountain in Nepal.

There are many different roads to Rome.

We both filled the holes in our own hearts before we connected again. That helped to see each other clearly and build a steady bond without pleasing or fixing. We connected to nature and we breathed…

2. Do What You Love

Make time to do what you love. Listen to your heart and then do what makes your heart sing. Just like that. No ulterior motives.

It might be art, dancing, or tree planting.

If you spend enough time in your days doing what you love, you will tune in to a different vibe and that shows. It also helps to do random acts of kindness and really enjoy the effect of those. Don’t care about the results. Results will arrive when the time is right.

Make your own life as happy for yourself as can be. Connect to other people with love and compassion and just learn to observe with all your heart and soul.

You might become open enough to recognize the right person for you through all the fake layers of image, status, and habits. And be open enough to help the other see your true colors as well.

3. Connect Deeply and Listen

When you start becoming more aware, your self-absorption will become less and less. And that means there’s space to really listen and connect to others.

We often listen with our minds already on the answer we are preparing to give. Our opinion. Our stand. Our approval or criticism.

There are great exercises in the Socratic method of dialogue you can try. When another person speaks, you listen deeply so you can repeat in exact words what she says. When it’s your turn to speak, you repeat and then add your own wisdom to her thought.

After training for a while, your listening skills will approve tremendously. In real conversations, you don’t have to repeat anymore then. Listening and talking mindfully are great assets in all relationships.

When you have different backgrounds, it’s important to have a lot of conversations to get to know each other deeply and clarify assumptions. Asking questions is therefore much more important than having the correct answers to everything.

And after a while in your relationship, the need for talking about your past and what made you into the person you are now will become less. It will be replaced by just feeling the other’s mood, laughing a lot, and contributing together to the world around you.


If I’m honest, I always thought soulmates would be boring. Very much the same, every day again and again. And I don’t like boring. I like aliveness instead.

Dancing through an interesting life. Contributing wherever I can.

And although our souls recognize each other, Mike and I are far from the same. And I’m glad. It spices up our lives. It gives us food for thought. And it makes our world bigger, bolder, and better . . .

Happy listening, connecting, and loving!

Thank you, Mike, for adding your wise energy to my words.

If you want to reach out, just connect via Linktree.

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Desiree Driesenaar
Desiree Driesenaar
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