Love & Logic 2

by Mae McCreery 10 days ago in dating

Oh god I’ve hit the cynical point in my relationship.

Love & Logic 2
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You know what’s really frustrating if you’re in a relationship right now?

Finally getting to spend a tiny bit of time together only for the other to suddenly get busy and stand you up.

This has been happening to me for four months and you know what? This guy can’t really even blame the pandemic because he’s been doing this to me for eight months. The last time we actually went out to dinner well over a month ago, I sat and waited for him for an hour and a half. And I wish that’s the longest amount of time I’ve waited for him, just this ONE GUY, but it isn’t.

I constantly work around his schedule. We live an hour away from each other and I go see him when I can and he comes to my city a lot more often because he works near me.

So he SETS the time we meet. And he constantly, CONSTANTLY, tells me he got stuck talking to someone or that something came up and only he can fix it.

And once again, here I am, waiting on him and I know he won’t show up. And I tell myself “no this time will be different.” But it’s not. I just wanted five minutes alone with him. Five minutes. And once again, I’m not going to get that. I ask for so little.

I’m the most low maintenance girlfriend that has ever existed. I have a high tolerance for when plans have to get cancelled. We all get busy at the last minute once in a while. But come on?

Every. Single. Date. This motherf*cker is busy at the LAST DAMN MINUTE???

Let me break down what I’m like as a girlfriend, and I’m a catch. I’m not just saying that because I’ve had a bottle of wine, your mother would LOVE ME. Every person I’ve dated, when I meet their mother, she always loves me.


-I’m hella moody



-Constantly hungry

-Autoimmune condition where when my skin flares up, the slightest touch feels like someone’s piercing me with needles deep into my muscles. So, no sexy times when that comes up.

-Really fucking shy and introverted

-Vain. I care about my appearance and if I don’t feel like I look good, I don’t want to meet new people. Don’t introduce me to your mother as I stumble out of my room after just waking up.


-I clean everything. Sometimes twice.

-If I have a book and Cheezits, I won’t bother you for hours.

-Play video games, I don’t care. I don’t want 100% attention.

-I love to cook, and I am good.

-I’ll go out of my way to help your parents out. Need a ride to the airport? Your parents are sick and need help? Your sister need help with homework? Your little brother wants to go to the park? I will help out whenever I can because that’s what I do. I like helping people.

-I’ll help your parents in the kitchen during parties.

-I’m a great conversationalist.

-I’m always dressed appropriately for the right occasion.

-I can put together furniture it’s minimal help.

-I’m tiny but feisty. I can box.

-Kinky girl right here. I promise you will never be bored in the bedroom. Or in the car. Or in the office.

So, I am shocked that this boy keeps standing me up. I have my flaws and I own them, I can admit when I fuck up. But I also have some pretty great qualities if I do say so myself.

Maybe there is something wrong with me where he thinks he can keep wasting my time like this. Maybe it’s the pandemic and it’s not really anything to do with me.

Or maybe he’s an asshole and I should just leave him. After all, this behavior started long before the pandemic started, why do I continue to put up with it?

Mae McCreery
Mae McCreery
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