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What makes you feel alone?


Loneliness is not that you are alone, but it is that you feel lonely.

It is that you can feel a sense of loneliness. Have you ever felt alone when you were surrounded by a huge number of people?

Undoubtedly, you would feel alone when you are around people who are not very connected to you and cannot see you which makes them unable to either feel or understand you. Not having someone who is psychologically connected to you makes you feel alone and not having somebody who can understand what you mean by what you say makes you lonely.

A weak relation does not last for such a long time.

Commonly, there are who are close to you but unfortunately, the connection between you both is cold, weak, and fragile. When the warm relation turns to a cold one, it starts getting weak. Thus, people start thinking that you are changing into another person to them, but the fact is that their interaction with you is lessening which indicates that they cannot get to know anything about you anymore, so they think after that you changed to them because you stopped getting close to them or maybe sharing your personal conversations with them. Keep in mind, when your interaction with others decreases, they might stop telling you things about themselves which would make you don’t know much about them anymore.

The weak interaction makes you feel alone because not being very connected to others feels like you are lost in the woods alone and no one is around to hear you.

Have you ever felt no one can understand you although both of you speak one language?

Despite those people are considered as who knows you the most, they don’t know much about you. It is sad to say that a stranger would know you more than who already knows you. However, it happens when the one who you talk to does not pay attention to what you are saying or even try to take it seriously as what you are saying is just a story made of your childish imagination. It feels like you are talking to the wall or a statue that cannot understand you for sure. Although they are sitting with you, looking into your eyes, and listening to you, they cannot get what you are saying or what you mean. They might get what you said but by misunderstanding it. You try to explain to them what you are trying to say gradually and specifically, but no use because they did not go through what you went through before or experienced what you exactly mean by saying these words. This is what makes you feel alone because no matter what, those people will never understand you even though both of you speak one language.

You are never alone socially but you are psychological!

There are a lot of people around you, but they cannot see you because you are lost among them. Lonely! They can see who is just like them but not you! Among these people is rare to find someone who can understand what you are talking about and feel the meanings behind the words that you are saying. There are very few who can feel you and those are the ones that experienced what you had experienced before.

These people cannot understand your words only, but they can understand your silence, too. They will be able to understand what you want, what makes you happy, satisfied, sad, teased, angry or annoyed.

Regardless of the differences between you, both of you can understand one another because you both have the same language.

Sara Kanbar
Sara Kanbar
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