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Live Up To Your Name

Does your character match?

By The Rogue ScribePublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Credit: Cottonbro

Do you live in a manner that matches perfectly with the meaning of your birth name?

Here's a dinner topic for you: next time you're out with friends or out on a date with someone, throw that question out there.

I've heard that it's one of those very "intimate" types of questions, like asking someone what their love language is. The level of intimacy achieved depends on the sincere intentions of each person and what kind of trust has been established.

Living up to your name is another reason why words are immensely powerful on their own. Ever wonder why? Well, I know I do.

What's In a Name?

People will be quick to point out your zodiac sign, your age, or your taste in music to describe you in one sentence. However, they'll rarely bring up your name or even surnames.

That's what makes this interesting because, unlike your age, names are interchangeable and a bit more playful. (Sorry people over 35.) Plus, I think your name is far more descriptive of the character you might actually be or become.

It's no wonder that your name is the single word that you love hearing the most. Well, at least most of the time.

On that note, I'll share my story and how I actually grew up hating my name...

Long ago, in a distant land, a boy was born. (It's me, I'm boy.)

Now, before I knew what the hell was going on around me, there were certain characteristics that I just naturally gravitated towards. One of them was fighting.

I never shy away from a good fight. Even when you take all my personal struggles out of the picture, I didn't mind fighting other people's battles. This built a certain reputation. It was easy for anyone to see that I wasn't in the running away business.

Like many people, I fought for a lot of reasons, and one of them was for being picked on because of my name. My name isn't exactly common in the places I lived. Therefore, when my name came up during roll call or elsewhere, so did the giggles and the stares from the rest of the (ignorant) kids.

I didn't like my name because of this. I was tired of being picked on through the years and having to defend myself.

Fast forward a few years and I got more curious about my identity and why I was the way that I was. Always standing up to something, always at the forefront of some "battle".

Well, behold:

Credit: meaningofthename
Credit: meaningofthename

*incoming Mario jokes*

Talk about an aha! moment. Since making this interesting discovery, I've made sure to consider the names and titles people adopt. More importantly, I now live up to my name in the best way possible, which meant making some necessary changes to my character.

The most important change of all is guarding my speech.

But Wait, What If...

What if your name doesn't necessarily "add up"?

What if it has no "deeper" meaning?

It can happen, and that's very unfortunate. But fret not, it's not really that serious.

It's interesting to learn that some people just have those characteristics that tie to their name. Even when they choose nicknames or legally change their name altogether, it tends to play a role in their grand tale.

It's almost as if when your name is spoken or written, you subconsciously make an extra effort to demonstrate its purpose. Like your own magic spell.

There has to be some sort of power somewhere in there, don't you think?

Even if your name doesn't have a meaning or history that 'clicks' with you, why not use this as a blank slate opportunity to turn it into something of your own?

Hence it's wise to take care of a good name - your character's reputation - for this is how you'll outlive even the greatest of treasures this world has.

Have some fun with this and let me know what you find in the comments.

Stay sharp and Godspeed, my fellow rogues.



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