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Life is About More

Than Work, Bills, Lust, and Tech

By Mark SmithPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

Life is about more. More than working 9-5. More than your smartphone or computer. More than Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and dating apps. More than sex with strangers or your partner. More than just paying bills. Life is about living; something modern society seems to have forgotten.

Think back to when you were just a child. When your allowance was $5-$10 a week, and you thought that was a lot of money. When you would go outside, a crazy idea now-a-days, and play with your friends. A time in your life when imagination conquered all, and you had no worries. Hakuna Matata if you will.

Personally, my childhood took place right before the introduction of these crazy things called cell phones. Up until 6th grade, I didn't have one. Of course, when I finally did get my phone it was just a simple little flip phone Verizon razor. The good ole days.

Before my phone, I was outside with my neighbors. Playing late night games of manhunt or tag, riding bikes to the local park, and just having fun. We played pretend and enjoyed the moment. A moment that fled all too soon.

Looking at life now I am happy with where I am at but sad about where society seems to be going. I do my best to put down my phone, meet people, and engage with the ever-changing world around me. However the more that I stop and smell the flowers, I realize these flowers are kind of.. stinky.

For example, looking around a restaurant you can see many families or couples out that are supposedly there to engage with one another. Yet so often we see that the engagement involves cell phones and other smart devices. Where did the intimate times go?

That being said, society also seems to have confused love for lust. Do we know love with sex? Some would argue no. It would appear that this world we live in has changed its views on the matter of intercourse. An action that once meant serious commitment and love now is a method of escape from reality and a moment of entanglement with someone you may not even know.

So where are we if we are not on our phones or in bed with another? Likely at work. After all, this world runs off money, and without it you quite literally get nothing. We work to pay off student loans from school that we were told we needed. We work to pay off loans for cars that we need to get to work. We work to support our families. We work, work, work.

This life we are living seems so bleak in comparison to when we were young. Is it simply that we have removed the veil and now see the world as it is? I refuse to accept that.

There is more to life than work, bills, sex, and technology. I want to see the world. I want to meet new people and have new experiences. I want to explore different cultures. I want to enjoy the life I was given. Most importantly, I want others to do the same.

Life is more.


Mark A. Smith


About the Creator

Mark Smith

I am a college student sharing my stories of college education and what I wish I had known about higher education.

I also write about my view on life, society, and people. Ideas of the future and more.

-Live your best life, it's all you got-

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    Mark SmithWritten by Mark Smith

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