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Li Dazhao study hard story

by Berard Jackson 2 months ago in celebrities
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Li Dazhao study hard story

Comrade Li Dazhao was very diligent and assiduous when he was a child. When he was young, he was known in the village for his quick thinking and good writing and poetry. Some of his stories of hard work and learning are still told in his hometown.

When he was seven years old, his grandfather sent him to study with the Shandao Shandao of the nearby village of Koukou. At that time, reading was to prepare for the imperial examination, reading the four books and five classics, the beginning of the entrance, but also reading a period of private school.

Comrade Dazhao skipped the stage of private schooling and began to read the "Four Books" with older children as soon as he entered school. Although these books propagated the teachings of Confucius and Mencius, in Comrade Dazhao's hometown at that time, even the so-called "new learning" of bourgeois democracy had not yet been transmitted, so it was only through these books that we could learn the preliminary cultural knowledge. Comrade Dazhao studied very carefully. He was the youngest among his classmates, but he studied the hardest and thus the best. After SCHOOL, OTHER CLASSMATES ALL WENT HOME, HE RETURNED A PERSON TO STAY ON HIS SEAT ENDORSEMENT, OFTEN WANT THE TEACHER URGED SEVERAL TIMES: "OLD AGE, GO HOME!" Then I went back.

The single ao is very like the smart hard students, often standing outside the window, listening to the young comrade Dazhao to help students endorse, break, one side not to nod praise. Dazhao comrade breast silly head, youth, the name of the old years, the word Shouchang. It was this old gentleman who gave us the scientific name of old age. Old age means long life. Until later, Monad Ao often said to people: "I taught a lifetime of books, the proudest of the student, is Li Qian!"

The love of thinking and asking questions were also the characteristics of Comrade Dazhao's childhood reading. Even for the daily problems, he is not easy to let go of, always breaking the casserole to the end. Once reading, asked his cousin: "You see this read a what?"

"I can't read."

"Why can't you read?"

"I didn't go to school."

"Why don't you go to school?

"I am a woman, and do not test scholar!"

But he kept on asking:

"Female, WHY NOT study?"


In this way, the little child was exposed to one of society's biggest problems.

Comrade Dazhao dared to accept correct teaching and correct mistakes since childhood. In the big black Tuo village at that time, gambling is quite popular. Behind the old mother Temple in the village, a group of people often gambled there. Comrade Dazhao once came home from school, and also went to the old mother's temple to see a lively, grandfather found, reprimanded, and punished him to tamp manure number car. Comrade Dazhao knows the disadvantages of gambling, and from then on, no longer to the old mother temple to see gambling money. After that, he never went to any place where he was gambling.

Comrade Dazhao's study progress is very fast, read in cucumber mouth village for three years, the single Ao put forward to his grandfather: "The study of the elderly is good, I have not taught him, or another teacher!" After THAT, he COMRADE DAZHAO to a small black TUO VILLAGE with a scholar Zhao HuidOU STUDY, and to the well TUO of the family of Song with a teacher called HUANG YUTANG study until he was 16 years old and admitted to Yongping Fu middle school.

Comrade Dazhao studied harder and harder. There were more than twenty students when he was studying in Jingjiatuo. When others were asleep at night, he was still studying tirelessly, reading until midnight every day. Huang2 YUTANG'S YOUNGER SISTER HOW MANY YEARS LATER STILL REMEMBER, HIS ELDER BROTHER AT THAT TIME A HOME ON CHANTING: "THERE IS A STUDENT, CALLED LI QAINIAN, READ a SPECIAL GOOD!"

Because of the lack of hands at home, Comrade Dazhao's grandfather married him when he was ten years old. His wife, Zhao Renlan, is six years older than Comrade Dazhao. She is a virtuous woman. In the days that followed, she worked hard to keep house and help Comrade Dazhao. She believed that Comrade Dazhao was right to sponsor and support his activities no matter how difficult his family was.

In 1905, Comrade Dazhao was admitted to Yongping Fu Middle School. At this time, to maintain its reactionary rule, the Qing government had to make some superficial reforms, such as abolishing the imperial examination and running schools. Comrade Dazhao, who was originally registered to be a scholar, caught up with the change and was admitted to a middle school. At that time, also like admitted to the same, the village still put iron cannon, posted the report, take the shed car, a lively.

In Yongping Fu Middle School, Comrade Dazhao is still diligent and unremitting study, each examination ranked among the best, spare time also rarely plays, and is a famous good student in the class.


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