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Learn to experience life

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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Experience is not about success or failure; knowledge is not worth it.

Learn to experience life
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Don't regret living like you can't let yesterday come back. Thank you for yesterday. All kinds of yesterday are experiences. Experience is not about success or failure; knowledge is not worth it.

The experience makes people from naive children to calm adults. From the innocence of calming, you will experience many detours, encounter many problems, broaden your horizons, and even discover a lot of pain and injury. When you come through these experiences, you will be spiritually elevated. Only experience will tell us that the world is not all sunshine, flowers, and cheers, but more people with unpredictable people and their thoughts. When you are hurt because of your sincerity, you should be grateful for such an experience. If you have not experienced such a thing, you will not know what color the world is, let alone how complicated the human heart is. Man is a unity of contradictions. Man's self-contradiction, insincere words, hypocrisy, and vanity come from man's self-contradiction.

Experience is the most precious and priceless in human life. We should learn to experience it. There will be many things on the road of life, some will be unforgettable, and some will be forgotten quickly. The unique, or the torment of your heart, is the experience that teaches you maturity. If a person is not rich in experience, it isn't easy to know many truths and even less to understand the true meaning of life. Only through experience can we truly understand the world and ourselves.

People can't be judged by good or bad, let alone extreme evaluation. There are many factors in the occurrence of a thing, and you will know a lot about these factors. Only experience will tell us the joy of communication and let us know how to grasp the appropriate distance between people.

Some say that the highest realm between people is the distance between them. Because of experience, you will understand how excellent such a relationship is. No matter the relationship, everyone has their own space and freedom. You want to breathe freely, and so do others. The most important thing is to grasp the scale of your life, for yourself, others, or the people you like. Experience tells us that people must be kind and friendly to everyone who comes to them, which is an essential quality of everyone's life. If people are not familiar, they will encounter evil people. Everyone is the same. How to pay for your kindness is also what people's experience tells you. People can't lose themselves because of others, and they can't lose others because of themselves. Everything is relative, and absolute verdicts will surely leave you scarred and bloodied. People must learn from experience to disperse and treat things and truly relax.

Only by experiencing it will you face the people who have helped you with a grateful heart. Calm down and think about it. We should be thankful for any experience. Because of experience, you can encounter many things you have never experienced or understood. It is rare for a person to get help from others; no matter the result, you must be grateful for this process. Believe that this experience is real, there is no hypocrisy and deception, and there are only differences in your thinking and understanding. On many occasions, even if they were hurt at the time, don't you think it's a gain when you can look at the past years with peace of mind?

Experience is not worth it, and there is no right or wrong. Any occasion is worth cherishing! The long river of life is only so many decades. If you lack a lot of experience, your life will be dull and lifeless. If there is no harm, you will not know what to cherish and what to give up. If there is no happiness, you will not see the beauty of this world. Everything that has been experienced is worth cherishing and commemorating!

Experience without success and failure. Any failure is the premise and foundation of success, and everything must be viewed dialectically. "Failure is the mother of success" there is no success without failure, and success is to make yourself smarter because of failure. Sometimes, when one lets go of one experience, another is gained. And when you look back on the past, even if you recall the sincerity that should be cherished, but you didn't realize at the time, you are still rich because you have more experience than others and know your future. What kind of life should you pursue? This is an invaluable life and a priceless experience.


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