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Love yourself, appreciate yourself

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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No matter what others think of you, you have to appreciate yourself, love yourself, and be yourself.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

If a person wants to become mature, he must first learn to manage himself. Some people say that it is not easy. Self-care is only part of it, and having a career and a family is only half. Make yourself feel happy and happy all the time, without the feeling of emptiness, even if it is done. No matter what others think of you, you must appreciate yourself, love yourself, and be yourself. It has not happened in this world in vain.

Appreciating yourself is the beginning of happiness. I don't think it matters what other people think of you in this world. Because a lot of times, you don't need to look at other people's faces in life, and doing so will only add to your stress.

Everyone is a small world, and his own heart is the monarch who rules it. When you understand this, you will let your troubles go away; when you know this, you will be called depressed and escape; when you know this, you don't have to worry about the short-term and long-term; when you understand this, you can face everything calmly.

To appreciate yourself is to paint yourself as a picture. You can make green grass and safflower grow on the screen, make the water gurgle, make the mountains and forests quiet, and let the sun light up the world gently. A person who can walk freely in his spiritual world, whether rich or poor, happiness and self-confidence are always the image of him walking in the rolling red dust.

To appreciate yourself, you must imagine yourself as a song. This kind of singing has penetrating power, which can make you feel the vitality of bright green in spring, let you experience fiery passion in summer, enjoy golden beauty in autumn, and touch snow-white poetry in winter. In the world, no one can refuse happy songs. If you regard yourself as such a voice, your existence will make the world more unforgettable.

To appreciate yourself is to smear yourself into a poem. How to interpret you is someone else's business: someone likes it because your heart can resonate with you; someone hates it. It's normal. It's because he still lacks the knowledge and literacy to taste you as long as you are full of sincerity and belief. More and more readers can see the meaningfulness contained in your language.

Appreciating yourself doesn't mean you are conceited. A person who does not know how to enjoy herself will be far away from happiness: she will lose her unrestrained personality, make herself cautiously concerned about the critical eyes of others, and be overly worried about her short-term gains and losses in one city and one place, and pain will be lost like a snake's tongue licking her heart from time to time. A person who doesn't know how to appreciate herself will belittle herself for no reason, a person who can't see her charm; how can others appreciate you?

Appreciate yourself; you can know yourself. Although it is said that "bystanders are clear, the authorities are obsessed," as long as you calm down and think about it, everyone in this world has their things that can't be avoided and played around with. Who still has so much energy to "pay attention" to you? As long as you think about it carefully, you will find that everyone is familiar with their thoughts, motives, behaviors, etc., as friendly as they sometimes have to face and stroke their naked bodies. To appreciate yourself for a long time, you must constantly improve yourself so that you can make great strides in the ideal direction you yearn for!

Appreciating yourself will make you generous and open-minded. In this world, the person who can control your mood the most is yourself. Life is alive, and the grass and trees are in autumn. Only when we can truly achieve peace of mind can we make every dull day slowly come alive, we can examine ourselves with a clear head, and we can take some fame and fortune as fleeting, and we can do what we want, what we can do. Matter.


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