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Is the Relationship Over?

by Anna Grace 4 years ago in breakups

It's over, even without those words being said.

There comes a point in a relationship when you start to question what the hell your still doing with that person. The truth is, the signs were there and slowly leading up to you feeling that way. So I am here to tell you the signs to look out for so you don't even have to ask yourself that stupid question. You shouldn't stay with someone if they hit these signs because they are not worth your time. No more excuses for their actions, because more than likely if they fit one of these signs, they are going to fit into multiple and why be with someone who disappoints you over and over again?

You blame each other.

Playing the blame game is so immature but we get wrapped up in trying to get our point across and it ends up with both of you in a screaming match throwing blame at one another and end up solving nothing. You go to bed mad and wake up 20 more feet away from each other. Neither of you are listening so nothing will ever be solved. If you can't be the bigger person and try to resolve things like an adult, end it.


It starts with ignoring each other's texts, then it becomes you stop holding hands, then laying next to them you feel a million miles away to eventually one of you never coming to bed. Save yourself the grief and let him go. The rope only burns deeper the longer you hold on while you are slipping away.


People tend to sabotage their relationship doing things that purposely hurt each other, maybe out of spite or hoping the other person will end it first. If it gets to this point, walk away; this is not good for either of you and only makes things worse.

Future Plans

When you think about your future and future plans they don't include your significant other. You dream of moving away and being happily married with kids, but that spouse is not who is in front of you right now. It is a clear sign to move on.


And not the kind around the house. The communication, affection, sex, time and effort, it all begins to feel like an extra chore added to the list of things to do around the house. Hanging out is boring and there is never laughter and when it is, it will feel forced. Everything will feel forced, it's time to take a step back and take some space. Space will allow for clear thinking because the expectations are not there.

Daily Lives

You're daily lives become separate. You don't care what they are doing and vice versa. The one person you used to call with bad or good news doesn't even cross your mind anymore. Your promotion you just got, you would rather tell your best friend, your mom or maybe even another person who has been on your mind lately. End it. This is not cool to do to either of you.


Everyone needs their "me" time, that's normal. What is not normal is when every day you would rather just be in a different town than with them. When you are both sitting down eating, you would rather just be eating alone in the bathroom than with them.

If you feel any of these signs aligns with you and your relationship, sorry to say, but the relationship has ended. Whether or not either of you has said it, it's done. Stop hanging on for nothing because nothing will change and that's okay because that's life. Let go and live on. You will always be unhappy as long as you stay with them.


Anna Grace

Small town blogger travelling the world and writing about her journey along the way.

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Anna Grace
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