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Is He/She Cheating on You?

by Liana Hewitt 4 years ago in dating
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Some Red Flags to Look for If You Think Bae May Be Straying

Do you get the feeling that something is wrong? Your relationship isn't what it used to be but you're not sure what's wrong? Or maybe you have a feeling that bae is cheating but no proof to back it up. If you think that your significant other maybe cheating but aren't sure here are some common signs to look for.

They hide their phone from you.

Their phone never leaves their sight and the contents of it will never be in your sight. Whether it’s texts, calls or pictures you will never be allowed a glimpse at their phone. On the rare opportunity that their phone is left unattended it will definitely have a pass code that will be needed to gain entrance. Perhaps, even a passcode that often changes. This is to ensure that you don’t catch any messages that me be coming in from their side relationships. When their phone isn’t hidden from you it’s in airplane mode which stops incoming texts from appearing.

No Sign of You on Their Social Media

There’s no pictures of you, no mentions of you, no tags of you. There isn’t even a set relationship status. Keeping you out of the picture on social media makes them look single to the opposite sex so if they were looking to cheat or maybe already cheating no one would know that they are already dating someone. A big flag is when you’re deleted from their social media or suddenly have less access to what you can view on their account. Most of the people on their social media are attractive members of the opposite sex.

Spending More and More Time at Work

Whenever you try to set aside time to go out on a date you find that they are always too busy working. They used to work steady hours but all of a sudden they are needed at the office every minute. Going in early, staying late, taking work-related calls where privacy is needed, maybe even business trips out of town. Be especially weary of this if they don’t talk of any particular big projects that are happening but are all of a sudden busy.

Cancelling Plans

All of a sudden they are cancelling plans with you whether it’s to hang with friends, stuck at work or cancels without explanation. These last minute cancellations are often because their side relationship is suddenly free to hang out.

Accusing You of Cheating

If they think you are beginning to get suspicious of their cheating they might accuse you of cheating to throw you off of their trail. This can be done as an attempt to confuse you and feel bad for doubting them.

Becomes Hard to Reach

Occasionally they will go off the map. You won’t be able to reach them whether it’s through text, phone, social media, email, anything. When you finally are able to reach them there is often a flimsy excuse as to why they couldn’t be reached such as battery was dead or was in an area that didn’t have service.

Becomes Defensive

Everything becomes an argument or a fight. They become snappy and critical of everything you say. This can often be a way to spend time away from you that you won’t question and can even have you feeling bad for the argument, which gains them points in your favour. A subtle manipulation to make you think you’re the bad guy.

Caught in Lies

You catch them in lies, big and small. They may tell you they were one place with a friend but all of a sudden they were at a work event. Cheating can take a lot of effort and keeping all of their excuses straight can sometimes get confusing. If you catch your significant other in a lie, no matter how small, make sure to ask for clarification.


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