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Inspirational Celebrity Reading Story: Thomas Edison's Book Tips

Inspirational Celebrity Reading Story: Thomas Edison's Book Tips

By Ruban SaundersPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Edison of the United States is a world-famous king of the invention. During his lifetime, he invented 1,328 kinds of things, such as the incandescent electric lamp, the phonograph, the motion picture, the automatic telegraph machine, and the sketch machine, an average of one invention every eleven days (of course, including the credit of his assistants).

In 1882, his greatest year of invention, he invented something every three days.

People can not help but ask: the king of invention, how to embark on the road of success?

At the beginning of primary school, his teacher hated him, because Edison did not obediently listen like other children, but loved to ask strange questions to difficult teachers.

One day, the teacher was angered by him, found Edison's mother said, your child is really strange, always ask me why two plus two equals four. This makes it difficult to teach in the classroom and even worse if it infects other children. I can't teach him. You'll have to find another way.

Edison's mother understood children. She brought the child home and taught the lesson herself. In this way, Edison through hard self-study, master more knowledge than the children in school.

To make a living and earn some money for his experiments, Edison began selling newspapers. We leave at six in the morning and return home at nine-thirty in the evening. When he had a little spare time, he would go into the library, read and think.

The library is located in Detroit, where Edison sold newspapers by train.

One day, when Edison was absorbed in his book, a gentleman came up to him and said, "I often meet you here, Sir. How many books have you read?"

"Well, I've read a book fifteen feet high." Edison looked at the rather eccentric gentleman and replied earnestly.

"Ha ha ha," laughed the gentleman, somewhat surprising Edison. After a while, the gentleman was serious again. "Oh, fifteen feet. Admirable. Do you have any definite purpose for reading? As far as I can see, the books you read in the past are different from the books you read today. Are you reading at random?"

Little Edison's eyes flashed brightly. "No! I read them in order, and I made up my mind to read all the books in this library." After this confident speech, Edison looked straight at the gentleman, expecting him to make a judgment -- nay, a commendation.

But the gentleman said, "Ah! You're gonna read all the books in this library, and you're gonna love it! But you're wasting your energy reading it that way. The economical way to read is to have a purpose first, and then choose a book to read. From now on, you must make a policy and a plan. If you have a policy and a plan, you can proceed step by step."

Words, like sunshine through the heart, into Edison's strong desire for knowledge. He took the gentleman's advice to heart and began to study more consciously and systematically.

While developing an improved part of the typewriter, he borrowed all the books on typewriters, read them systematically, and soon solved the problem. In the days when the electric light was invented, he used to go into the library and read the relevant articles in various magazines and newspapers, and then extract some passages as needed.

Some people say that to research and invent the electric light, Edison in the library used notebooks up to 200, a total of more than 40,000 pages. This KIND IS TAKING CERTAIN PURPOSE, the STUDY THAT PLANS TO ACCUMULATE KNOWLEDGE, READ A METHOD, AND BRING GREAT BENEFIT TO Edison.

When it comes to "the secret of reading", this should also count as an important one.


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