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Sylvester Stallone: Success requires courage and persistence

Sylvester Stallone: Success requires courage and persistence

By Ruban SaundersPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

There was once an Italian whose father was a gambler and whose mother was an alcoholic. His parents split up when he was very young. He dropped out of high school and became unemployed. This is the guy. At the age of 20 suddenly suffered a stimulus, he suddenly found that there are a group of people in this world, and he completely live in two worlds! The quality of life they have is totally different from his! He cried! His life, he thought, was meaningless! He saw his parents' lives, already on the brink of poverty. He knew that if he continued like this, his parents' current situation would be his future.

So he decided to change his way of life! Do you do business? No money. Looking for a job? Without a good degree, it's impossible!

He's got it. He's going to be who he wants to be. What does he want to do? He wants to be an actor...

So he made up his mind and came to Hollywood. Go to the director and say: Director, I want to be an actor! That's impossible!

Because what he never thought was that he was born with a crooked mouth!

People will ask him, what degree do you have? What's your background? What kind of training have you had? What'S more, YOU are a born crooked mouth!!

He was devastated!

Then he took a job cleaning toilets in Hollywood for $300. In the toilet, every day to see the director, a director, he went to say, director, I want to be an actor! That's impossible! Rejection after rejection. But he never gives up, he firmly believes, next time can be!

When he had been rejected more than 800 times, he went to the roof, he thought, this life is not worth living! If you don't succeed, you'd rather die! Even if they are alive, they are dead! It's just eating every day and it's a social burden. So many times on the roof and by the river.

But he picked up his courage again! If you can't be an actor, he felt, write plays first. After a while, the script came out. He took the script to the director and said, Director, I want to be the leading man! That's impossible! Again and again and again.

On his 1,375th rejection, one of the directors said, I've seen your script, I think it's good, I want to buy it, I'll give you $35,000! But, the premise is: you, can't be a leading man!

Wow... He was shocked. Thirty-five thousand is a big number for him, he only got 300 salary,100 times the price!

But! At once he thought, what is he going to be? Are you going to be a playwright? Do you want to write the play later?

He immediately said, director, not even 35,000 cents, I want to be the leading man!

The director was helpless and said, I don't know if you can act, but I will divide the script into several episodes, the cost is reduced, the risk is reduced. The film was made.

Later, the movie set a record in the United States, and the man became Hollywood's top male star! He went on to earn $17 million!

Who is this?

Sylvester stallone!

Yes, Stallone!

Doesn't mean crooked mouth can't be a star! Stallone in order to become an actor, he put all the award-winning films in the world have all studied, all the top leading actor, he has all imitated, all the award-winning film dialogue he has all back! Live IN the CAR OF garbage PLANT every DAY, do physical exercise next to the car, go back to the toilet during the day, clean the toilet clean!

Stallone himself said, the past does not equal the future! Success comes from complete preparation!

So, let's see how the star who created the image of countless American heroes does it! Can't crooked mouth be a star? Stallone's mouth is still crooked today! So what? ! His first film, called Rocky, had just been released and had the highest ratings in the United States at the time.

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