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Inspiration Humor is great at posting memes and making good people laugh.

by Angelina F. Thomas 2 months ago in humanity
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Lightning Bolt is one of the best I have observed thus far.

Inspiration Humor is great at posting memes and making good people laugh.
Photo by Kareya Saleh on Unsplash

I wish my permed hair could take this color lavender after good bleaching too bad my hair color is dark auburn I am not to permit me to bleach my hair, after a perm I would lose not only happiness from my perm relaxing completely I would strip my hair horribly of it's needed goodness. I love my new rue in my due I am very grateful for what the good Lord gave me. I love the way Lightning Bolt mastered his stories and created something out of nothing. I know the poor feeling too well writer's block sucks then when the creativity feels like it just is not there it makes me ache like a mother fucker, pardon my french. No offense I am a realist and I love to speak my mind and let it flow for what it is. Some people think it is a sin to be outspoken. At times things are better left unsaid but when shit needs to be addressed to keep shit from hitting the fan it is what is. I hope I inspire and make Lightning Bolt feel blessed. I am disgusted about the fact that I am so unable to tip my favorite or fond authors.

I am so bummed out right now no doggone money in my Neo account and it is my fault. Anything helps. I am a stoner I need a huge long blunt of gas rolled in a whole clip. I wonder if they make extension cords anymore. I self-taught myself to roll with the extension cord blunt cigars and the loudest gas of Mary Jane's flowers there is on this great green earth. I need a zip of gas and the clip extension cord size cigars I need to get fried right now but it is not going to happen thanks to my fear of holding something. I always go broke as hell out of fear that I won't be here to enjoy it if I hold something, and I need to quit being so damn difficult, I deserve to save. I am in tears I am about to lose my home and everything but no one cares but me myself and I. cold-ass damn world. I hope to get to enjoy more of Lightning Bolt's stories, I cracked up yesterday. It felt so damn good to laugh my fat ass off it's been too damn long. My sense of humor is not dried up, but it does sort of feel like my sense of humor has been replaced with a world of hurt all weighing down on my shoulders. Who feels my pain? There's no man alone on one island yet I feel so alone. I feel so bummed out I do not know what to do at the moment however if I get stoned right now I would feel a whole lot better. I want my Mary Jane called gas. I do not want anything to do with lean honey just my gas. I need to fart and let out farts that smell like my medicinal marijuana. I am a cry baby without my sweet Mary Jane's flowers I am a mess right now. I have no money I am going to get penalized by the IRS because I did not save up for my taxes I could not bail myself out if I wanted to. I am scared. I hope they are not as menacing as long as I can get on a payment plan. I have nothing to lose. I am so done if I get locked up or my wages garnished. My wages get garnished, then I cannot pay my rent or my credit card bill, and so on. This is irksome, and guess what? There is not a damn thing in my power at the moment that I can fucking do about it. Good Luck. Thanks for reading.


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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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