Inside the Mind of a Fuckboy

by Dennis P. 6 months ago in dating

So what really goes on when you're breaking hearts?

Inside the Mind of a Fuckboy

After hearing old recollections of how I was in high school moving into university, the personality I was blessed with throughout the years was a "fuckboy."

For each of us, a single person comes to mind when the idea of a "player" is mentioned. Whether it's the time they left you waiting in that restaurant 45 minutes after they said they'd show, only to never come, or sitting on your bed only to see a new photo of that person and their new "target," there is an automatic assumption of how awful that person was. All their efforts to fit themselves into your life even though you would kindly declined; their charm and confidence only attracted you more to them. However, these new species of this modern generation have never been given a voice to explain themselves.

For myself, the idea that I was playing with someone's heart never came to mind. As the good times with each person went on, something was always more compelling about another. As shallow as that sounds, each person had a different interest and vibe that I would gravitate towards. Whether it was their fashion sense, that common taste in music, or how they preferred the cloudy days over the sunny days, any subtle connection drastically fogged my view of them. Similar to how love blinds you, maybe it's not a fuckboy/girl's intention to treat others like that, but instead their quick and easy attachment to those they have things in common with.

I think in each of us there is that similar sense of falling in love with someone's little things, but some act differently on these emotions. Some do not react as quickly and let their feelings of infatuation deflate before they become something more, but it's us, "players," who let these feelings grow and become a motive to chase after each person.

I may have this all wrong and that entire group of people are assholes who love breaking hearts, but maybe I have hit it right on the nose, and these people are the ones who act quickly on their feelings. They don't recognize their faults because the love that they form so quickly and so easily blinds them into thinking they aren't in the wrong. All the feelings of being in love are in each of these interactions, but too much of anything lessens in value overtime.

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