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Inside the Brain

Discovering the Secrets of Our Brain

By Bagwasi DennisPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Inside the Brain
Photo by Gaspar Uhas on Unsplash

For decades and centuries scientists have been figuring out how our brains work, uncovering the mysteries and odd things we do. Sometimes, we do things that seem strange, and then we wonder why we did them. The truth is, there's always a reason, and it's usually hidden in the unique ways our minds work. You don't have to be a brain expert to get what's happening in people's heads and use it to your advantage. There are some tricks that mess with our minds without us even knowing. How about leveraging the knowledge of this to enhance our lives?Let's dive into some cool brain stuff that affects us almost every day.

1.Looking at Laughter

When people laugh together, each person looks at the one they like the most. It's like checking if your favorite person finds the joke funny. So, if you want to understand a group of friends, share some good jokes and watch who everyone looks at. This has occurred to you in so many ways particularly when you are in love with someone or share something deeper.

2. Tricky Prices

Stores sometimes make us think something is a great deal by showing a higher original price, even if it's not true. They anchor our thoughts with that higher price, making us more likely to buy.

3. Memory Changes

Our memories are not like fixed videos; they change a bit every time we think about them. New events and memory blanks can mix things up. It's like our brain edits our memories over time. This is why it remains paramount to journal activities regularly as our brains principal duty is to generate ideas not to store information.

4. Chewing Away Stress

Chewing gum or eating something when you're nervous can help you feel less anxious. Your brain thinks if you're eating, there's no danger, so it relaxes and calms you down. It's like tricking your brain into feeling safe.

5. Deciding by Results

People often judge if a decision is right by looking at the final result, not how the decision was made. Advertisements use this by focusing on the good outcome, making us forget how we made the decision.

6. Limited Friends

Even if you have lots of friends on social media, you can only really connect with a smaller group. Psychologists call it Dunbar's number. It's like your brain can only handle meaningful friendships with a certain number of people. Few friends means deeper connections.

7. Quiet Persuasion

Staring at someone when they're not telling you everything can make them uncomfortable, and they might spill the beans just to break the silence. It's like using silence to get someone to tell you what you want to know.

8. Too Many Choices

Having too many options can make us unhappy with our final decision. It's like when there are so many flavors of jam, you might stop at the table with 24 options but end up choosing the one you always buy.

9. Embracing Mistakes

Making mistakes can make you more likable. It's because nobody likes someone who seems perfect. Mistakes make us human, and people like that.

10. Connecting Scenes

When we see two unrelated things, our brain tries to make a connection between them. It happens in movies and ads, making us link certain ideas or products without even realizing it.

Understanding these brain tricks helps us see how our minds work and why we do certain things. It's like having a little sneak peek into the secret codes of our brains. So, the next time you wonder why someone does something weird, remember, there's always a hidden reason behind it.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Well done!

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