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If you don't know the difference, you can easily be marginalised by your leaders

Amiable leader turns frosty

By Lhasa GermanyPublished 5 months ago 6 min read
If you don't know the difference, you can easily be marginalised by your leaders
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Recently, Han was a bit depressed. In the past, the leader trusted him and always gave him important work to do, and he was always the first one to deal with it, but recently there was a change, the original amiable leader became as cold as ice and no longer gave him important work.

He couldn't understand why, but he couldn't ask the leader directly. After thinking about it for a few days, he finally remembered that a week ago, when he was talking with his colleagues, he inadvertently said that the leader was so long-winded, like a long-winded woman, and he said it as a joke that time, but he didn't expect the situation to become like this.

In the workplace, many people do stupid things without even knowing it. They are good at it, but they are too simple and easy to trust their colleagues, so they end up eating a dumb loss.

In the workplace, the most miserable than your ability is very strong, but the leadership is not reused you, does not give you the opportunity, and even marginalizes you, once the leadership gives up or marginalized, you are doing a good job can not be developed, but the problem is, the leadership to marginalize you, he will not tell you explicitly, so we should be good from the leadership of some changes in your details, to determine whether they have been The leader has marginalized you.

If the leader wants to marginalize you, there are always some traces to follow, in general, there are always these six signs to follow, once found, you can't go directly to the leader, you can review your problems and make adjustments early, there may be the possibility of cracking, if the leader's view of you has been stubborn, then how you try again also no help.

Important work did not let you interfere

The original leadership will be on the post of some important work for you to do, and even sometimes when the leader is on leave also let you act for him, but you slowly find that the leadership no longer gives you important work arrangements, leave also by others to act for him, to your work are some simple and insignificant work, some people still think that this is the leadership sympathy, see you hard to reduce your workload. This is the leader marginalizing you.

The leader often gave him important work and often asked him to deputize for him when he was on leave, but he always dropped the ball in his work and embarrassed the leader. Da Kang also had to walk away despondently.

No higher demands on you

If a leader has higher expectations of a particular subordinate, he will constantly ask him to work at a higher level, hoping that his subordinate will keep growing to take on greater responsibilities. Just as my leader used to tell me that "opportunity is for the prepared", he always pushed me to work harder and better so that I could take advantage of opportunities when they arose.

Corporate Office

If your leader had high expectations of you, often encouraged you to improve your abilities, and demanded more from you, but now he doesn't care about you, doesn't praise you when you do well, and rebukes you when you don't do well, then he is disappointed in you and has given up on your training.

From laughing and scolding to being polite

Leaders treat people they can trust, never politely, but will be very casual, just like the better relationship we have with whom, the more casual, you go to see the workplace those leaders speak to subordinates very casually, and from time to time laughing and cursing, that subordinate is the leader's beloved.

When we watch serials, we often see scenes like this, where someone approaches the leader and says that the leader hasn't scolded him lately, does he have a problem with him? What? He's a man who is scolded by the leader, and he likes to be scolded by the leader. Is he sick?

That person is not only not sick, but also smart because beating is love and scolding is pro, only the closer the relationship is, the others will talk about you and scold you, and the more people can be said and scolded by the leader, the more the leader can trust people, until one day the leader suddenly does not talk about you, not scold you, but you have no bottom in your heart, but also have doubts: is the leader has a problem with me?

Therefore, if the original leader speaks to you very casually, slowly becomes very polite, and does not joke with you, everything is a board, which means that the leader has been alien to you, and you are no longer a person he can value and trust.

Good jobs are given to others

The measure of whether a person is valued or trusted by the leader is whether the leader gives him or her good work or more secret work to do. The "good" work is the work that is in contact with the higher-ups, the work that adds value, or the work that has benefits, while the hidden work is the work that the leader is not comfortable doing himself and asks you to do on his behalf.

Being able to let you handle things on behalf of someone is enough to show that the leader has full trust in you, but suddenly one day the leader stops involving you in these things and lets someone else do them, especially a colleague who competes with you, then you should be alerted that this is either a knock on you or the start of marginalizing you.

The leader is no longer actively looking for you

In the past, the leader often looked for you, sometimes several times a day, but now, for a few days do not see the leader looking for you, and even the phone does not call you, something also lets others convey to you, this change is very obvious, and never because the leader is busy, but the leader's attitude towards you has changed.

If the leader trusts you, he will come to you directly, but when the leader has an opinion about you or no longer trusts you, your relationship has become official, or even worse than the general relationship between superiors and subordinates, even if you have to let others convey to you, not willing to contact you directly, which has begun to marginalize you.

Feel free to cope with the communication with you

When you have a good relationship with the leader, the leader will take the initiative to chat with you and teach you how to behave and do things, we have a good laugh, but once the leader decides to marginalize you, the leader is like a different person, no matter what you say, the leader is coping with it, and even plays official with you, whatever you say, he responds with "humming and hmming". It seems extraordinarily distant.

I remember a few years ago when I watched the series Shaoshuai, I heard Mr. Li Xuejian's Zhang Zuolin say to Zhang Xueliang, played by Mr. Wen, "Jianghu is not about fighting and killing, it's about human feelings and the world." Many people feel deeply about this statement because the workplace is also a jungle without smoke and mirrors, which is also full of human feelings and worldly affairs.

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