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I Was Thrown Out of An Airbnb House

by Dr Mehmet Yildiz 2 years ago in humanity
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My fault was cooking meat and fish

I Was Thrown Out of An Airbnb House
Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

It A few years ago, I used to work interstate, travel and use Airbnb a lot. I loved Airbnb and still enjoy using their services. But this unusual experience made me cautious about choosing the right accommodation for my needs.

Airbnb offers fantastic services. Their support teams go above and beyond in serving their customers. At least this reflected my experience when I dealt with the customer service team multiple times.

Airbnb is a unique service. When I discovered it, I was hesitant to use it. The model initially did not resonate with me.

One day, feeling desperate for accommodation, I went outside of my comfort zone and decided to use an Airbnb service.

Registration was easy. Security check and confirmation took only 15 minutes.

Using their website is very easy. I searched for the available accommodations in the city I planned to travel.

I found a decent place. My first experience was excellent. It even exceeded my expectations.

Most of my experience with Airbnb hosts has been excellent. However, this specific one was an exception; therefore, I want to share my exciting story. It relates to my diet and lifestyle choices.

As pointed out in my previous articles, I eat only one meal a day.

I don't eat out. If I do, it is only for occasions such as family celebrations.

I love cooking my own meal. When I choose an Airbnb apartment, the first thing I check is their cooking service. The most common cooking device for me is an oven.

In this specific occasion, I was late to arrive the premise. It was around 8 PM.

I emptied my car and decided to cook some meat and fish I purchased from the local fresh meat market on my way.

The host was not there, but she left a key for me outside.

I said "hello" at the entrance, but there was no one at home.

I found the kitchen and noticed that there was an electric oven.

The oven was dirty. I spent 10-15 minutes to clean the oven. Then I heated the oven and prepared meat and fish for cooking.

My cooking usually takes 20 minutes. I don't overcook meat for health reasons.

I was hesitant to leave the oven, so I had to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, I heard the outside door was opened. In a few second, the house echoed with the scream of a woman.

My meat and fish were cooking halfway through. I quickly washed my hands and left the bathroom.

The host was looking at me with an angry face. She looked half my age. Despite my initial fear of her stern face, I said hi with a smile, but instead of replying with hi, she said: "what the hell are you doing?". I told her, "I am your guest. Sorry for being late, but I need to cook before going to bed. I have been driving for nine hours. How was your day?"

She asked, "what the heck are you cooking?".

I calmly said meat and fish.

She looked even angrier.

I heard her saying "Don't you know we never cook dead animals in this house? Get out of here now!"

I agreed by nodding my head politely.

She wanted me to clean the oven and leave her house immediately.

I obeyed her rule saying, "no worries madam, very sorry, I will clean it and leave immediately".

The situation sounded like trauma initially, but it did not take me long to understand her emotional state.

Finding myself in survival mode, I forgot my hunger. Using my empathy and compassion skills, I managed to calm her down. When she heard a genuine apology, her attitude changed.

She explained her dislike for meat and fish. She had a vegan lifestyle. I understood her situation and showed my respect by acknowledging and praising her lifestyle.

Probably she had strong feelings about meat, so it was understandable.

When she got calmed, I quickly turned off the oven, removed my semi-cooked food and cleaned it. The entire cooking system was much cleaner than before. I also quickly washed a few dirty dishes in the sink.

I offered her $50 cash for the inconvenience, but she did not accept.

Since I had enough funds in my credit card, finding a hotel room would not be a problem. I left the house with feeling a bit of shame for giving inconvenience to a young woman.

She confirmed to refund my payment for the accommodation. I did not care. All I was thinking was to find a room and sleep for the night. I was exhausted from driving.

When I called Airbnb service to inform my departure due to an unexpected conflict with the host; they wanted to learn more about the reason. I did not want to give details of the situation. The host might have lost her Airbnb rights.

The Airbnb support team were too friendly to me. They offered me to pay for my accommodation. I was flattered by their kindness but rejected their lovely offer with politeness. It was not their fault.

After a few quick phone calls, I found a reasonable motel room nearby.

With the event, I forgot about my food. I felt no hunger, no appetite, and no discomfort.

Years of stoic training helped me stay calm and composed during this situation.

Being fat adapted with a metabolic operated by ketosis helped me cope with the unexpected challenges of the night.

I slept beautifully with an empty stomach. The next day, I still had tremendous energy.

The lesson learned was to check with the hosts whether they allow cooking meat and fish.

Since I used this simple principle, I did not experience such a dramatic event with Airbnb accommodations again. Being thrown out of a house might sound traumatic but it was an excellent life experience for me.

Thank you for reading my story.

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