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I Told My Husband To Leave But I Want Him Back (I Regret Divorcing My Husband What Now)

Are you in the tough spot where you're saying oh my gosh, I told my husband to leave but I want him back? This happens a lot. People will end up in a spot where they regret the divorce, and they panic a bit, not knowing what to do to remedy this problem. If you're saying I regret divorcing my husband what now then you'll want to read every word of this article.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

If you regret your divorce and want your husband back, you might feel like you're in a really tough spot. Even if he isn't dating someone else (or even if he is), feeling like your divorce was a huge mistake is not easy. After all, to go through all of that turmoil and trauma only to wish it had never happened is like waking from a bad dream only to find out it's reality. So how do you approach your husband if you still love him? What's your next move?

First, you need to consider why you want your husband back. Do you still love him? Do you think you can overcome your problems? If some time has passed since your divorce, and you still find yourself wishing you could get your husband back, then chances are good that you are doing it for the right reasons. But if you are just scared of being alone and don't know how to move on, then it could be better for you to try to find yourself first, that way you know you are making a decision that is in your best interest.

Second, look at the relationship you and your husband currently have. Are you on good terms? Could you talk about your relationship and what went wrong from a mature perspective? If the two of you can work through your problems now then it is a good sign that you can get your husband back. It means that you both learned from the divorce and can treat each other differently, and that means you're less likely to repeat your old patterns. Plus, if the two of you are on better terms now, then it's possible your husband might also regret your divorce. Your relationship has a much better chance of surviving once you do get back together!

Third, can you make your husband want you again? When two people go through a divorce, a lot of times the intimacy is long gone from the relationship. Does it seem like your husband is still attracted to you? If not, then you need to make yourself feel more attractive! The more you can do to make yourself happy and healthy, the more he will find you irresistible. Make sure to play up your chemistry and remind your husband of how great things used to be before all of your problems started. The more you can remind him of the great times you've shared together, the easier it will be to get your husband back.

Get Your Husband Back - Killer Advice That Will Put You on the Fast Track

Have you tried everything to get your husband back? Are you desperate to get him to come home to you? Have you begged and pleaded with him and promised him anything and everything if he would just come home?

As you have probably figured out by now, none of these tactics usually work and without knowing it, you have probably made it a little more difficult than necessary to get your husband back. All of these methods tend to be counterproductive to actually accomplishing your goal of getting your husband back and will typically push a man away when a relationship is on the rocks.

There is a saying that we want what we can't have and inversely, human beings tend to not want what is given freely to them. This goes for relationships, attention, opportunities and even material goods. It is often with the best of intentions that gifts are given to others but it is often these same gifts that are abused or neglected due to the very nature of the fact that they were received without a price to be paid.

Do you have value? Is your time, attention, affection and love worth something? Do you really have to beg, plead and cry to get a man's attention? Well, you shouldn't but right now you aren't getting the attention that you deserve from your husband. So how do you get that attention? How are you going to work through your problems if your husband won't talk to you and he is bent on destroying your marriage and filing for divorce?

The answer is that you don't need to talk about your problems or work through your issues to get your husband back. What? You heard me right. There is no need to discuss issues that are basically non-issues in your husband's mind. For him there is no marriage anymore nor any reason to discuss anything other than dividing assets and finalizing the his mind.

Can you see that until you can make your husband want you and your marriage he isn't going to even consider hearing the word reconciliation? Once you are able to make him see your value as a wife, mother and partner he is just giving you the opportunity to vent instead of really listening to anything that you are saying concerning your marriage.

Take some time and think this through. What do you think would it take to make your husband smile and laugh again? How can you recreate that connection with your husband and make him value you as his partner again? Can you make him laugh? Can you make him smile? Can you connect with him? What is it going to take?

The honest truth is that just like most things in your marriage and your relationship it is going to take your influence to get things back on track. I know... once again it is up to you to take care of things but this is important. Without your strong will and dogged determination this relationship will die. But you do have the power to pull this off. You have the power to turn this around and lead your husband back home.

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