I Love You—Love, Me

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I had no idea...

I Love You—Love, Me

Dana was sitting in her Biology class. Life at Jefferson High was not horrible, but then again, it is high school. She wasn't the most popular junior girl, but she wasn't a loser either, an in-betweener you could say. She was average height with long dark brown hair and gray-blue eyes, and she was always rather fit due to her passion for ballet.

She had no idea what this lesson was about. She had been too busy staring at her crush, Nathan, who sat a few seats diagonally of her. She liked him since the 7th grade. The only problem is that he was the most liked guy in her grade. Everyone wanted him and he knew it too, which, as a result, meant he only picked from the top of the high school hierarchy. Nathan's catch of the day was the snobby bitch Sara.

She's only popular because she has money, Dana thought to herself. It's disgusting how she throws herself at him. If only I could get rid of her someh-

"Miss Green?"

Her plots to murder Sara were suddenly interrupted by her teacher. She looked at Mrs. Thomas, flustered for being caught not paying attention to the lesson and everyone's eyes now being on her, including Nathan's.

"Y-yes?" she managed to stammer out.

"Could you please tell me the correct number of chromosomes in a human gamete cell?" Mrs. Thomas asked. She clearly wanted to make a fool out of Dana. But luckily, Dana read ahead the night before.

She regained her composure and said, "Twenty-three, Mrs. Thomas."

The middle-age woman gave her a stern look and through a forced smile said, "Correct." She then proceeded with her lesson. Dana, along with the rest of the students, turned their attention back to Mrs. Thomas. She didn't look at Nathan and Sara for the rest of the class. However, she felt as if there were a gaze on her, but she didn't dare confirm whether it was Nathan or not. She had enough embarrassment for one day.

After Bio was over, Dana gathered her things. She had a free period now so she wasn't in a rush to get out of there, unlike most of the other students and Mrs. Thomas, who she presumed to have another class to teach right after. As Dana started to make her way to the door, she tripped and was on her way to smack the floor with her face when somebody caught her.

"Woah, don't go falling for me now Green."

Dana didn't see who it was, but she knew that voice. She could hear the smirk. It belonged to the one boy she dreamt about constantly. After snapping back to reality, she did her best to get out of his grip.

"Oh, piss off Nathan. I would never fall for your man-whore ass." Dana did her best to feign disinterest, when in reality, she was practically having a heart attack and was as red as a tomato. All she wanted to do right then was run out of the room. She couldn't bear being embarrassed any more than she already had been just in the last hour. If he thought she was a loser before, she didn't want to know what he thought of her now.

"Damn, I'm sorry for catching you. Next time I'll let you have your rendezvous with the floor," he said, still with the smirk on his face.

"Good. Because I was really looking forward to it this time. I even got all dressed up," Dana said, her defensive sarcastic side making an appearance.

"Oh, ya okay. How could I miss your fancy ensemble of a college sweatshirt and skinny jeans?" Nathan said, playing along with her facetiousness.


Dana looked over Nathan's shoulder only to see a pissed-off Sara. She completely forgot that she was even there, and she didn't look too happy that her boy toy of the day was talking to Dana.

"C'mon Nathan, we have to go to the library. We have some... studying to do," Sara said, obviously insinuating that no studying will be done.

"Oh, right, haha. I'll catch ya later Green." Nathan said over his shoulder with a wave as he and Sara walked out. Sara rolled her eyes at that but didn't say anything else. She didn't want to waste any more breath on that peasant than she had to.

"Ya, sure." Dana took a moment to collect herself before walking out too. She made it to her locker and was so focused on what just went down she didn't even hear her best friend Emma approach. Apparently she had been trying to get her attention because she finally snapped out of it after Emma snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"Earth to Dana! Hellooooooooo!"

"Oh shit, sorry, Emma. I was a little lost in thought, I guess."

"A little? Bitch, you were in another dimension. Mrs. Thomas could have whipped her dick out and you would have been none the wiser!" It was a running joke that Mrs. Thomas "wore the pants in the relationship" with Mr. Thomas, who was also a school teacher there. He taught her Calculus class and was a complete pushover. If a student shed a tear over a bad grade or made up a pity-worthy excuse, he would give away extra credit like it was the flu and no one was was vaccinated.

"Yeah, sorry. Although I think Mrs. Thomas's ten-incher would have definitely brought me back to reality," Dana said with a slight laugh.

"No way. That hag is definitely at least 11 inches. It's a wonder how she is able to tuck it in her ass crack, what with her panties always being in a bunch." Emma said.

"Ya know, if you're not careful, either she will hear you or someone else will and snitch on you. You gotta be more spacially aware Emma."

"Oh, I'm fine. Everyone else thinks it too."


"Hey you wanna ditch the rest of the day and go get something to eat? Mama's feeling Chinese."

"No, Emma. Just because we did it once before and didn't get caught does it mean we won't ever get caught if we keep doing it."

"C'mon, pleeeeaassssssee!? We only have one class left and that's with Mr. Thomas. All we would have to do is make up an excuse and we would be fine."

"You know I'm not a good liar, Emma."

"Fine. Then just flash him your boobs. Let him see what a real woman looks like. Hell, he might even pass you for the whole year."

"I'll keep that in mind. Whatever, now I really want Chinese so let's just go."

Emma smiled. She loved corrupting her best friend. Dana used to be so sweet and innocent. Just last week, Emma finally got her to try smoking weed. It was so funny to see her high off her ass. And the best part is, neither of their parents know how bad Emma is. They had been best friends since Dana and her family moved into the house close to hers 10 years ago. Both still think she is sweet and innocent Emma from around the block, but that changed when Emma got her first boyfriend. She was 13 at the time and he was 15. He was the one who corrupted her, and now it is Emma's turn to corrupt Dana. Since their breakup last year, Emma needed a new party buddy, and Dana was the runner up.

"Yayyyy! General Tso, I'm about to eat your spicy cock!"

"Fucking hell, Emma..." Dana groaned as they made their way to the barely monitored door and out of the school.

Part 2 coming soon!

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