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"I'll Pay You $500 to Sleep with Me Please"

The extent guys will go to

By Nila DearPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Yep, the title says it all. A guy on Plenty Of Fish wanted to pay me to sleep with him. Why? Cause I was "the type of girl I could never get." Now you must be thinking this is flattering, it's not. I was so offended, and the more he begged the more offended I got.

Let me go back to the start.

I decided to join the online dating app Plenty Of Fish. I was on a dating app bender, but I was also curious to see who and what was out there. I heard POF was pretty seedy, but I managed to meet someone amazing on there (not this guy), so there is a chance to meet nice people wherever you go.

Anyway, here I was chatting to guys and having a great ol' time. There were some nice guys I had great conversations with, and there was a bunch of skeezy creeps that would say anything to get in my pants. But hey, that’s the beauty of online dating, right?

A nice looking farmer popped up with a message to me (it’s not like Tinder, you can message if they agree). He appeared to be around my age, and he was very polite. He asked if we could meet up, but I declined, given I had known him for five messages. I said I wasn't comfortable with meeting up so fast and that I would like to keep on chatting and get to know him a little better. He kept trying, I kept declining. Then he started begging, which changed my whole perceptions of this guy. Why beg someone to meet you? Then he started offering me money! Why someone would see themselves as so low as to have to pay to have sex I will never know, but here he was, trying to buy my arse. Literally. He started at $100 and an offer to pay for all meals and accommodation. I felt really offended! $100! That’s what I’m worth!

"Please, I would do anything to sleep with you you're so beautiful. I could never get a girl like you!"

Not with that attitude ya won't buddy.

I tried to explain how his intentions were making me feel, that I felt like an object to be obtained and that I really had more self-worth than being a hooker.

He kept begging and upping the price until he got to $400 and I had become so pissed at this guy.

"Please I will do anything, I'll give you $500 to sleep with you. I promise I am a nice guy. But I am never the type of guy who would ever score a girl like you. I would love to experience it just once. Please."

I don't see myself as this goddess he was depicting me to be. And I didn't see myself as someone who needed to be bought. And although it was tempting to score $500 (which I desperately needed), I didn't entertain the idea for more than a moment.

After desperately trying to explain to him I couldn't be bought, and that he shouldn't see himself in such a way, I gave up. I blocked the poor dude. That poor dude. I felt bad for him, stuck out in the country on his farm all alone without a vagina in sight except for his animals. Jokes aside I did feel pity, but not enough to be a pity root. I hope he found a nice fish.

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