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I'll Be There

I ain't asking for a 'Romeo and Juliet' story. All I want is a happy ending.

By josh napperPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

So, I know everything seems like it’s falling apart around me, and the sun is nowhere cuz the rain storm is all over me, yet I got a promise to keep. I know I'm the biggest underdog in this story, but I refuse to not keep my promise. When things ended down there, I could have risked it and stayed down there, but I had a promise to keep and I had some unfinished business to settle. I could have stayed in my corner, but I had a promise to keep and I refuse to break the one that means the most to me. This whole storyline ain't no fairytale yet, and all I'm asking for is to be that one person who proved himself and got her to realize her true worth.

I ain't asking for a Romeo and Juliet story. All I want is a happy ending. I'm her Andy and she’s my Nancy. I'm her Derrick Morgan and she's my Penelope Garcia. I'm her Tony and she's my Ziva. I'm her protector and she’s my angel. I'm her defender and she's my savior. I can’t promise her fancy dinners, but I promise I’ll remind her how fancy she looks. I can’t promise she’ll have the best cars, jewelry, and houses but I can promise I’ll give her my best. To put this simply, she makes me happy like a dog going on a walk. I don’t how to describe how she makes me this happy. I just get this grin on my white face. If she went on The Voice, I’d be in the bank smiling and freaking out as all four chairs turned. If she went on American Idol, I’d be having a tear in my eye as I heard the whole crowd give her a standing ovation. If she went on America's Got Talent, I’d be happy to learn to play the guitar or the piano for her, cuz like she can listen to the piano for days, I can listen to that showstopper for days. If she went on Britain's Got Talent, well, I don’t know about her, but I'm part British, so I think I'm at least allowed in.

Everything could go wrong in my life thanks to her, but my life will always be so perfect. So I wanna say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. She means the world to me. It's cuz of her that I am who I am, and the reason my anger demons stay hidden. She says she doesn’t do anything for me, yet she does so much for me. Hell, I don’t even know how to explain it all. I'll take care of her until my last day. I’ll protect you until my last day. I’ll give my last breath and push you out of danger. I’ll be your guardian angel, savior, or whatever word I wanna make up. Since I got you to take care of and to protect, I’ll be unstoppable and simply do the impossible. They can send all their boys in to stop me, but I’ll take them all down for the one girl. It's my job to protect you, yet every time you get hurt, weather its one way or another, I feel like it’s my fault, since I didn’t stop them from causing you harm. So, from the bottom of the heart, I hereby sincerely apologize to you, my angel. He was a fool to let you go, and I’ll be an even bigger fool if I don’t speak up and tell you the truth. You make me smile from ear to ear when we talk on chat or face to face, or those rare phone calls. When you tell me you're going to bed, I just wanna give you a good night hug and tuck you into that bed of yours all nice and comfy, so you can have the best night's sleep possible.


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