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I have a dream

by MerleVillalobos 4 months ago in literature
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The world is like a big universe, and everyone's dreams come together to form a starry river of light, some shining, some falling.

I have a dream
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The world is like a big universe, and everyone's dreams come together to form a starry river of light, some shining, some falling.

In my case, I had different dreams at different stages, but because I was too young and young, or because I was too utilitarian, these dreams were dulled in the river of stars and eventually extinguished.

Ever since I can remember, I have been determined to become a singer. When my family heard about my dream, they laughed like peach blossoms on their faces and bragged about it joyfully to others. Because I had some talent and practiced hard and consciously every day, I had full confidence in singing. But when I had the opportunity to perform on stage, I had stage fright like a red-eyed rabbit, and I couldn't make a sound in my voice, leaving only tears hanging on my face. Because of the young, young people, the heart is also young and fragile, slowly, this dream fell into the darkest place.

Perhaps it is easy to forget the distress of children, soon, my "new dream" like a seed bathed in spring rain, quickly emerged from the soil, growing freely, giving me new hope.

I dreamed of becoming a children's novelist. Although I don't love writing, some painful experiences in my childhood made me fall in love with children's fiction. I often feel that children's fiction writers are angels who warm every reader with their plump and soft wings, allowing children to swim freely and warmly in the sea of books. Another reason is that writers can make money. It wasn't easy for my grandparents to bring me up at that time, and I always had the idea, "If I could earn a lot of money, wouldn't my grandparents be blessed and not have to go out to work at such an age? Is it possible to go to the toilet at night without thinking about saving electricity, but can turn on the light?" When my grandmother knew what I thought, she even called me silly and admonished me that one should follow one's heart and choose one's true dream. I knew in my heart that I did not love writing from the bottom of my heart and that becoming a children's writer was only out of selfishness.

The sea of stars has crossed and the years have become monuments. The childish little doll has grown into a teenager, the age when children can talk to their hearts.

At the age of 14, I suddenly understood my real dream. She was like the rain on a spring night, naturally and unexpectedly fell on my thirsty heart. It was simple, yet unexpected - I wanted to do what I could for the world and realize my values. The spirit of the role model always inspires me to go forward: I understand that there is a light in some dark corner of the world; I understand that a small thing is a sun that warms others. Because I have always had a dream in my heart, I have been constantly reflecting on myself: in the past few years, because I was too playful, time was wasted. Now, facing the dream in my heart, I can't worry about the past, I have to focus on each present moment. Every day I ask myself, "Are you committed to your dream? I always answer confidently, "Yes!" The constant self-encouragement gives me a constant source of strength. Therefore, even if the road ahead is full of thorns, I can still run firmly with blood flowing.

"I tried to let my dream take root in the soil, just to wait for the day when it would grow from strength to strength. Years later, when she breaks through the soil, I firmly believe that it will be like a diamond shining brightly.


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