Human Touch

by Liliana Moreno 4 months ago in love

I need you more than ever.

Human Touch

The human touch. We need it so dearly. The feeling of your partner is what we need so much. The feeling of your loved one is one of the things that keeps us alive. So, what happens when you lose your soulmate, your loved one, or even your best friend? Don’t you feel sad, lonely, or even depressed? That you won’t love someone as you did before.

So a couple of days before everything happened, I felt so pleased. I was so happy. Every time he would pick me up from school he always—I mean always—had a surprise for me. Some days, it would be a little teddy bear. Even the smallest things in life can have so much meaning to a person. Whenever he or she gives you a present like this, you think for a moment that you will never love someone as much as you do now. But anyways, some days it would be a simple, delicate rose. Red and so pure. He would give me a big red rose. So perfect that no one—I mean no one—could destroy it, but I spoke too soon. Just like a rose so delicate, just like a heart, someone can break it so quickly, at any moment. When he gave me these gifts, they would happen pretty frequently until everything changed...

I didn’t get any calls or texts anymore. I felt so empty inside. I tried calling... but no response from him. So what did I do to keep fighting for him? To keep our love strong, so no one could separate us. For our love to grow stronger. I didn't know what to do because I loved him so much. He was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Some days, I would think why wouldn’t he call me or anything? I simply didn’t have the answer. I knew sometimes he would push me away from him, but I understood. He was having problems at home. But then the next day he would feel fine. He would kiss me, hug me, and buy me a gift. I didn’t know what was wrong.

I went to his house. I knew his parents were there, so it was time to be brave and confront them. That’s what I did. I couldn't just give up on him after dating for eight years. I knocked on the door and a wise woman with blond-silky hair opened the door. "Oh, you must be my son’s girlfriend. So good to see you here." I was impressed with how she treated me with respect, with such kind words.

"I... I... I wanted to see Angel. He hasn’t responded to any of my calls, nor texts. I’m worried that something happened to him." The blond woman told me that he will tell me in person, that it’s a good idea that I came here. I didn’t know what was going on. I was confused about everything going on. She told me to go upstairs to his bedroom and he would explain everything. That’s what I did, I went to his bedroom and I knocked three times. Suddenly, he opened the door slowly and saw me. From that moment, he grabbed my waist and held me for a very long time.

“I’m so glad you came here. I've been wanting to see you, but I was so scared you wouldn’t want me anymore after I tell you.”

I was so confused, “Slow down I can’t even tell what you are saying.” Soon I saw tears running down his cheek. I asked him, “What’s wrong love? I’m here if you need to talk to me.”

He kissed my lips, not knowing what was going on with him. He suddenly spoke to me said, “Lily, I have cancer.”

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