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How To Save My Marriage From Falling Apart (What To Do When Your Marriage Is Falling Apart)

If you're in a situation where you're trying to figure out how to save my marriage from falling apart, well you're certainly not alone. At the same time you certainly have some work to do, so you best get started now. This article will show you exactly what to do when your marriage is falling apart.

By Daisy AylaPublished about a year ago 6 min read

When a marriage is in danger of falling apart, emotions can run high, objectivity becomes compromised and both conversations and discussions can give way to bitter and spiteful arguments. If you're in a middle of a marriage that's falling apart or know a couple who would want to save their love and keep it alive, here are some tools that you can use and share on ways to save a marriage.

Be Open About The Problem

Keep an open mind when you start delving into why your marriage is having problems. Knowing the reason/s behind the problem may be painful and it's important that you do not become judgmental in the feeling out process. If you start becoming aggressive or confrontational, you may only aggravate the situation and make things worse. Remember that your aim is to save your marriage and one of the most important ways to save a marriage is keeping an open mind and being open to what you and your partner discuss and reveal. If sometimes, it gets too much, picture yourself and your spouse in that moment of love as you were wedded and hold on to it, and trust that things will progress positively as long as you're willing to work for it.

Set The Tone By Being Polite and Never Let Your Feelings Rule You

Keeping your tone neutral, calm or relaxed and saying things and using words that do not incite a negative reaction from your spouse is important in working to save your marriage. This is one of the essential ways to save a marriage. By keeping your attitude calm and relaxed, you can start listening and talking in a mild and open manner. Likewise, your spouse can be encouraged to open up and sharing his/her thoughts about your marriage problem/s.

Remember to remain objective and in control of your temper. It won't help if you react negatively. On the other hand, it's not good to start becoming angry and acting defensive. You can't rush or bully your spouse into accepting or mending your marriage (no matter whose fault it is - yours or your spouse). Being polite is an important aspect to learning the ways to save a marriage. Anger has no room in path to healing your relationship.

Be Reasonable and Willing To Compromise

To be truly committed to finding ways to save a marriage, spouses must understand that the problem is solvable as long as both are open to reason and willing to compromise. Mending a marriage is not the same as trying to make your spouse admit to their guilt or trying to justify your actions. Finding ways to save a marriage is not about muckraking or shocking your spouse into submission. It's about showing compassion and acceptance, and the willingness to work on your marriage, no matter the odds.

Here's a fact to consider: Nearly 50% of newly married couples, or couples who have been married five years or less break down because the spouses can't share or give in. And we don't mean giving in as in admitting defeat but being more understanding of their spouse's needs. When there is no mutual understanding and willingness to compromise, no matter how many ways to save a marriage you'll try, that relationship has ended before it's even started. By swearing an oath to share your life with the one you love, in sickness, in health, for richer or poorer, you are promising to give your marriage everything, no matter what. It won't matter whichever ways to save a marriage you will use; the end result will speak for itself, and a love renewed is the best thing in the world.

How to Turn Your Failing Marriage Into a Happy Marriage

It is truly amazing just how simple it is to stop doing the things that have been proven to work. It has to do with the human inclination to become bored and dissatisfied and to begin looking for something different. If people would remember that the foundational things in a relationship must be maintained, there would be far fewer marriages that end in divorce. In the dating season two individuals learn to love each other and cherish every moment they have together. They talk for hours about little things, they notice all kinds of things that others never see. Magic is in the air and they don't care about anything else in the world.

A failing marriage is many times a failure to continue doing the right things. Somehow in the process of time and the experiences of life, people turn inward and stop nurturing the relationship by caring more for the other person than themselves. Caring beyond yourself is sometimes very difficult to do, especially if your spouse has become very selfish and does not see there are problems in the marriage. If you will take the step toward going back to the initial things that made your relationship special, you will begin to see results even if it feels like you are making the effort alone.

It is always a good idea to make notes for yourself. Think about all of the things you used to do as a couple and write them down. Allow yourself to recall the feelings you had, the excitement you felt, and how you looked forward to being with that special person. Picture yourself doing all of those things together, but see yourself doing them now. See yourself enjoying each other and experiencing a new kind of excitement together. If you can rekindle that sense of anticipation in your own heart, your actions and words will begin to reflect a love that has new life.

A failing marriage does not have to continue on that track. All of the things you fell in love with in your spouse are still there. They may be covered up and atrophied through lack of use, but they are still there. If you will work to nurture your own love for your spouse, you will find it coming back to you. It may take some difficult work that requires a determined commitment, but it will happen. Start doing those initial things again. Allow that excitement over a new relationship to fill your heart again, only this time it will be a new love for an old flame.

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