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How to Make a MAN fall in love with you:


By Ridwan IssaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

How to Make Him Fall Head Over Heels (Even If He's Totally Oblivious)

Listen up, ladies. We've got the inside scoop on how to get your crush to finally realize you're the woman of his dreams. Our intrepid reporting team has culled dating advice from leading experts, psychologists, and a fuzzy Pomeranian named Cupid to bring you these top tips.

Step 1: Get His Attention

First things first, you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to catch his eye. When you see him in class or across the bar, flash him a smile that's equal parts friendly and flirty. Toss your hair (always a good move) and sashay a little closer so he can admire those legs. Ask him an insightful question about the lecture or compliment his taste in craft beers - guys dig women who show interest in their interests. Play it cool though, you don't want to scare him off by coming on too strong right away.

Step 2: Turn Up the Charm

Now that you've sparked his interest, it's time to reel him in. When you talk to him, hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than normal - this signals that you find him captivating. Lightly touch his arm or shoulder when making a point - affectionate body language gets guys every time. Laugh at his jokes - even the bad ones - with genuine amusement, not just polite chuckles. And say his name a lot in conversation; the sound of it on your lips will lodge you firmly in his mind.

Step 3: Get Physical

Ok, we're not suggesting you drag him into the utility closet (at least not yet!). But sitting closer together, hugging casually in greeting, holding hands for a moment can build intimacy between you. Snuggle up extra close if you sit beside him on the couch or sneak in a slow caress down his back when you squeeze past him. Don't be afraid to initiate this flirty touching yourself until he gets comfortable doing it. Just don't overdo it or he'll feel trapped instead of thrilled.

Step 4: Make Date Night Magical

When your crush finally asks you out, make sure your first date is the stuff romance novels are written about. Gaze into his eyes as you sip wine over candlelight. Hold hands while strolling under the stars. Kiss him passionately at your door after he drops you home like a gentleman. You want him walking away wondering if he's just met his soulmate. A little mystery keeps guys interested too, so don't spill your whole life story. Leave him wanting more.

Step 5: Seal the Deal

Get ready to blow his mind on date number two. Show more skin by rocking a sexy yet classy dress or a flirty skirt. Continue the hand-holding and stolen kisses between clever banter. Compliment him sincerely and listen closely when he opens up. After dinner, invite him back to your place for "a nightcap." Cuddle cozily on the sofa before giving him a long, lingering goodnight kiss he won't forget anytime soon. Consider taking things to the next level if you're both ready. If he doesn't profess his love after all that, this guy's never going to commit, girl!

There you have it, ladies. Follow these steps and watch that crush quickly turn into a smitten admirer eager to shower you with devotion. Just try not to break too many hearts out there! Love wisely and have fun getting your dream guy to finally put a ring on it. We'll be over here, anxiously awaiting our wedding invitations.


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