How to live relationships when you live on a coronavirus lockdown

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Top divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt advises everyone from controlling children to being kind to one another.

How to live relationships when you live on a coronavirus lockdown
In other words, when families stay together longer.

A leading divorce lawyer has warned that coronavirus lockdown could destroy thousands of relationships nationwide.

Vanessa Lloyd Platte says her busiest time is in September, after a summer vacation, and when the festival season is over.

In other words, when families stay together longer.

But the popular divorce lawyer is hoping the couple should split up after the country stops separating.

Vanessa says: “The evidence is that if the parties have to spend time with the family in a competitive manner - who is there to look after the children or clean up the household chores? - The injured party appears to have had an explosion of selfishness.

"After spending months at home with each party, translate their work into something more important or more confident that the work will be done, and Armageddon is a possible recipe for a relationship."

The next few weeks, at least, will be intense for most families.

But there are ways to avoid falling out with your partner as you try to make the storm one. Here, Vanessa shares her top tips for saving a relationship.

See each other as equal

Whether you are the main caregiver for your children, the breadwinner or both, everyone has an important role To play in the family. As a result, it is important to give each other equal values. Vanessa We should "pin this message to the fridge" and try to support each other as much as possible. "If a party ends, don't tell them it's their job or character, or it's tough," she said. “Try to help reduce the burden. "Women are not just a province to cook, clean and treat children. Also, do all their work from home."

Don’t be too critical

It means living and working in a place You will pay more attention to the untouched areas of dust or dirt. But don’t complain - clean it up yourself. Vanessa says: “When people are angry, insulting or insulting comments are a perfect place to be. "Instead, try to do the opposite. Make them appreciate what they're doing or what they've done, and where you can do it. Don't wait to ask, do it."

Control the kids

Although babies are rarely seen outside their bedroom during the day, the amount of stress and hormonal mixing causes debate.

For this reason, make sure you scream for things to do. Vanessa says: “Do not allow children to set the agenda for you, or invite all their friends to put them in danger.

"There is a lockdown and they need to understand it and be smarter. Also, don't let them make excuses as to why they want to go out, only to find out they've met with their friends.

You don’t need to constantly entertain

Many parents find the stress of constantly entertaining children bored during school vacations.

But it is important to remember that children entertain themselves, says Vanessa. "Don't let your kids set the agenda for you," she said. “You are the parents They are children. "

Be kind to each other

Working from home is a big adjustment for everyone in the home, whether you are a stay-at-home parent with a work partner, or sharing temporary office space.

Remember that you are not talking to employees or co-workers at home, so treat your family with kindness and respect. Vanessa says: “Speaking with one another and being a shrewd voice.

“If necessary, practice in the mirror. You think you are speaking normally, but you cannot be. Just because you are the CEO in the office does not give you the right to fight and endure at home. " Assume that the other half is always available

Getting together with your partner at home anytime and being on demand can certainly seem like one way. Because your other half is at home, it is important to understand that they are not always available and that they have other responsibilities, says Vanessa.

"In times of stress, people's libido can fall off all at once," she said. "After a full day of work and taking care of the kids, they don't get angry because they do nothing more than hug."

Follow the rules

To maintain a healthy family relationship - and to maintain your own health - you must follow government advice to stay safe during the epidemic.

Vanessa says: “Treat your partner and others with respect, including children, at this time and expect them to go places or do things that will endanger them.

"They get angry and eventually their frustration turns into anger," he said. Remember we are all there

Together with it. "

tarikul islam
tarikul islam
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