How to Know for Sure that Someone is Truly Interested in You

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How to Know for Sure that Someone is Truly Interested in You

In a world with very little face to face communication, many people have had a hard time knowing if another person is truly interested in them. This makes it hard to ask someone out on a date, or even know if you are crossing the line. To better understand the conscious and subconscious behaviors that we often rely on in regards to attraction it is important to read further. When you understand the signs of attraction, then you can easily know when to push forward or pull back to ensure no one's heart is broken.

Just because someone stares at you with a glassy eyed look does not mean they are attracted to you. Often times, many people mistake a person deep in thought as a sign of physical attraction. However, if you notice a person continually checking you out, then you can almost guarantee they are interested in getting to know you. The wisest move you can make is to approach the person and introduce yourself. After all, the most they can say is, "I was not looking at you," or that they are not interested. Do not approach the other person with a cocky attitude, because often times this can destroy any sign of attraction that was previously present.

Maybe you have known someone for quite some time, and you often spend time together. If you are given as much time and attention as all of the other people in your love interests life, then do not assume you are the person they are interested in. However, if you find that they are often pushing close friends aside just to be with you, then it may be wise to speak up about your emotions. A few undeniable actions to look for is the fact that they leave their cell phone behind when they are with you, graze your hand, or stare into your eyes frequently. These are signs that suggest your love interest is intrigued by your presence as well.

Another great way to evaluate if someone is interested in you is to watch their body language; often times our bodies speak far louder than the words we use. If you notice a person standing up tall and speaking very confidently in your presence, then you can certainly see that they are attracted to you. Just a word of advice, if this occurs often in a group of friends, then it is best to watch who the person communicates with and looks at frequently to ensure you are the person they are attracted to. If you are ever in doubt, then speak up; there is nothing worse than finding out you let the moment slip away due to insecurity.

If you find that a person is often mirroring your words and actions, then you can easily see they are attracted to you. They are willing to put aside their own personal interests and thoughts just to get your attention. Just be warned, this can backfire later down the road, because many people feel like they have been tricked or trapped when the other person shows their true self.

Growing up, my mother always said it would take at least three weeks for a person to show their true self, and within three months you could easily see if they were the one for you; to my surprise she has not been wrong. It will take some time, but you will always find if the person you are attracted to is the person that is right for you. Just make sure you are your true self instead of trying to be what someone else wants you to be. If you choose to put on an act, then do not expect the relationship to progress much further. After all, you have to show your true self at some point, and there is no reason to hide it from the start.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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