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Dating: Do's & Don'ts

How to Keep Connected

by Heated Erotica 6 months ago in advice

With Each Other in a Relationship

How to Keep Connected

One of the biggest problems that relationships face is lack of communication.

Now this communication is not just about the relationship and sex, but things that they find entertaining and fun. Let's say you are not a football fan, and hate to hear about how his football game has gone.

He will soon stop talking to you about football, because you don't like it. Slowly both people in a relationship learn to not tell the other one about certain things, because they know they have no interest.

So where does it leave couples? Sat talking about work, if even that, as sometimes one partner does not want to listen to the other's work issues.

So how can this be fixed? Well, find a mutual love for something, as crazy as it sounds, you may actually enjoy something he enjoys, if you just try it!

I know, I was one of those people who didn't do gaming, not at all. Shooting, zombies, building, etc. I didn't do it, to me it looks seriously boring, I stuck to things like Café World!

Our relationship consisted of having sex together, and going to sleep together; that was it!

Then, when he was playing a game, and needed to run to the bathroom, I took over, I was surprised by the fact that I enjoyed playing, so much so that, when he came back, I didn't want to hand over the damn PC mouse!

Since then, we have looked for games we can play together, me on the laptop, him on his PC. The thing about gaming is, if it is a game where you have to work together, it can be fun!

We are currently playing 7 Days To Die, Ravenhearst edition. Every night, guaranteed, we are sat there laughing, usually at me dying in the most stupid ways possible!

The thing is though, we don't just play the game together! We talk about it; we talk about the new updates the game has, we talk about other players who we sometimes talk to, we literally talk about everything to do with the game, even if we are not playing.

Now a lot of women don't even think of gaming, they instantly put their hand up, and say, no! Why? I was the same, I did not think I would enjoy playing any games he does, but I was wrong.

So here is a task for you: if your partner is a gamer, every time you see them playing a new game, ask them what it is, and have a try until you find a game you both enjoy!

Now for the men, most women are into soap opera's, chick flicks, make-up, not all, but most! So finding something she enjoys that you can be involved with won't be as easy, but try!

Does she like going for long walks? Maybe she enjoys cooking? Perhaps she enjoys reading?

What you need to do, is sit down and really think about what your partner likes, man or woman, make a list and try to find something on that list you can do, or get involved with.

Most couples work away from each other, they get home and maybe the woman is cooking and he is cleaning, they sit and eat together briefly, but then because their whole day has gone, what do they do?

They separate, he goes and does what he loves, and she does what she loves. When in actual fact, you should be finding something to do together for at least two nights a week, and that does not include date night!

The trick to a happy healthy relationship is enjoying each other's hobbies and loves, to an extent. I hate football, I could and often do fall asleep while football is on. However, I make up for it because we game together, sometimes even monopoly!

So, I ask you this! What do you and your partner do together that you both enjoy? Is it gaming, cooking, gardening, reading a book and talking about it together?

Do you do enough to keep your conversations interesting? Or are you in a place where you find it boring and just want it over?

How does it work?
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