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How To Get The Spark Back In Your Marriage (How To Bring Romance Back Into Your Marriage)

Isn't it frustrating that you have to spend your time trying to figure out how to get the spark back in your marriage, when it seems like everyone else is walking around happy and in perfect little marriages. How has your search gone so far for solutions for how to bring romance back into your marriage? It's important to note...

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

It doesn't matter how good your marriage is, or how close you are to your spouse. When a couple has been married for a long time, the spark starts to fade. You love each other very much, but the excitement just isn't there anymore. Here are some easy ways to bring the spark back into your marriage.

Forget the movie scenes - this is real life. Movies are filled with 'romance' and 'passion'. Quite a few people think that they have to do an awful lot of work to bring passion back into their marriage, but that's not the case at all. You can bring the spark back into your marriage quite easily.

Humans need physical contact. We just can't live happily without it. If you and your spouse haven't been affectionate with each other for a while, now is the time to start. If you're walking together somewhere, hold hands. Walk close enough that your arms touch, even briefly. When you sit down together, let your legs touch. Each and every time any part of your body touches your spouse's, it sparks the chemicals that brought you together in the first place.

If you have kids, try to get a babysitter for the night. You can either take her out to a romantic restaurant, or you can make her dinner at home. You can light candles for a more romantic setting. Not only does this bring romance, but it also brings the element of surprise back into your marriage. After all, who would dream, after all these years, that you would go out of your way to do this? It doesn't have to be anything drastic or complicated. A simple dinner alone with your spouse will work wonders to bring the spark back into your marriage.

After dinner, watch a movie together. Sit by each other. Just spend some quiet, relaxing time with each other. When the stress of daily life wears on a marriage, the romance goes out. By spending just a few hours with your spouse like this, you will bring so much happiness back into your marriage.

Cuddle for one minute every day. Do you ever notice that young couples tend to touch each other whenever they can? They sit next to each other, touch each other on the arms, kiss and hold hands practically every second, for instance. Do you ever notice that married couples do not do that at all?

You might have to put an effort into remembering to touch your husband as often as possible since you've been married for quite a while now and have learned to become extremely comfortable in each other's presence. However, doing this will help bring the sparks back into your marriage in no time. Besides, hugs, kisses, shoulder massages and short pats will all strengthen your connection as a couple overall.

Shower each other with compliments. Compliments don't just help with a person's self-esteem; it can generally increase a person's feelings towards whoever gave them to compliment, as well. So, if you tell your husband how lucky you are to be his wife or even just tell him how great he is on a regular basis, you are sure to bring the sparks back into your marriage and become a more loving couple in the long run. This is just how powerful compliments are.

Love unconditionally. Does your husband do things that drive you absolutely crazy? Well, despite these things, you still married the guy, so there must be several reasons behind that decision. If you want to bring the sparks back into your marriage, you will need to learn how to overcome your husband's flaws and just concentrate on the best things about him instead.

Make it a point not to nag about the little things that your husband does that drive you crazy, like leaving his dirty clothes lying on the floor or forgetting to load the dishwasher in a good way, or even burping in front of the rest of the family after dinner. None of these things should come between your love - remember that.

There are many, many other things that you can do to bring the spark back into your marriage, these are just the easiest and sometimes, the most overlooked. You and your spouse work hard at keeping your marriage strong and healthy. Take some time to actually enjoy it - enjoy each other again.

5 Steps To Building And Maintaining A Strong Marriage

A surprising number of marriages fail, sometimes very early on. This can be due to drastically different expectations and a lack of communication as to what these expectations are or the long term goals you each have. Similarly, relationships may break down when a couple first move in together and discover they have very different lifestyle views or moral boundaries. By exploring these issues before making a life long commitment, you can be sure that you share the same values and objectives as your partner, on which to build a mutually rewarding future.

Whilst it can be a difficult subject to discuss, a large proportion of marital breakdowns are at least partially accounted to disagreements regarding finances. Personal spending habits can vary greatly between individuals, from thrifty, meticulous budgeting to frivolous and indulgent sprees. Make sure you have agreed what proportion of the bills you will each pay, what items will be reserved for spending your personal earnings on and which goods or services you would both expect to be paid from joint accounts. There are many different arrangements that a couple may adopt for managing their finances, but without discussing your opinions and the options available, you may find that your expectation of 'What's mine is yours' is not shared by your new spouse, which could lead to tensions.

Healthy relationships are built on a bedrock of trust and understanding. You must feel able to talk honestly and openly with your spouse about anything. By sharing your innermost dreams and desires, you can establish great depth to your relationship and pave the way to fulfilling your life long objectives. Discussing topics that are important to you both enables you to find common ground and strengthen your commitment to each other in the security that shared values brings. Whilst you may have different views on certain issues, as long as you respect and value your spouse's viewpoint, this can be a positive element to your marriage. By questioning and challenging some pre-held beliefs or assumptions, within a loving and stable environment, individuals often find that they can grow spiritually or emotionally.

Intimacy shouldn't dwindle once you are married, rather it should blossom within the security that a marriage naturally engenders between two people. You may feel liberated after exchanging vows and free to express your wishes and hopes for your future together. Of course, you should have established an intimacy prior to marriage, to have broken through the barriers that protect each of your inner fears and desires, in order to ensure you have found a soul mate who's heart beats in tune with your own. This kinship will develop and become even more rewarding, so long as you make time to really speak to each other and reflect on your lives, your thoughts and feelings as the months and years go by.

A marriage fundamentally is between two people, but practically speaking it also must embrace the whole family. Maintaining strong relationships with your in-laws, and your own family, is important for securing a nurturing environment for the family that you may have yourselves, as well as for supporting you both through difficult times that life may bring. Great joy can be found when both sides of your families make friendships and get-togethers for birthdays and other special celebrations are all the more rewarding when the whole family is involved in the planning, preparation and sharing in the occasion itself.

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