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How Do Men Feel About Their Female Friends? 17 Secrets Made Public

Is it ever possible for men and women to just be friends? And if that's the case, you're definitely curious about what men think of their female friends. Here is the solution.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

Many women struggle with trust and worry about what their partner thinks of his female acquaintances, and it hurts to wonder. You're plagued by the thought, "What do guys think of their female friends?"

You worry when she texts him and wonder if she is with him when he is out with his friends. Your paranoia is always present, whether or not there is a rational explanation for it. Although you want to like her, believe in her, and respect him, you are unsure of his exact feelings for her.

Men and women can they truly just be friends?

If you've ever seen the classic film When Harry Met Sally, you'll be aware that the characters struggle with the age-old issue of whether or not men and women can truly be friends.

Men and women can never be friends, according to Harry, the main male character, since sexual desires always get in the way, regardless of how gorgeous the lady is. Sally, the major female character, disagrees with him and asserts that men and women can simply be friends.

Who then is correct? Harry or Sally—who is it? Let's examine and unpack some ideas on the subject since the question is complex.

The truth is that there isn't a straightforward solution. Evidence from psychologies that investigate friendships and relationships is contradictory. It may be doable, according to studies, but it's still difficult.

The urge to mate and produce children is the fundamental issue with male-female friendships. Humans just have an instinct to preserve the species.

As a result, it might be simple to assume that men and women can't genuinely be just friends because sexual desire is so firmly established in our DNA if males and females are destined to be sexually attracted to one another.

But if you believe that, you aren't considering the complexity of the human brain. It doesn't imply you can't stop yourself just because you feel compelled or have an instinct to do something.

After all, you can restrain yourself from eating a massive hot fudge sundae when you are on a diet, right? Although you might not want to, you can still do it.

Not everyone is attracted to everyone, which is another element to take into account. The mere fact that two persons are of the same sex does not imply that they have romantic affections for one another. Attraction is a very personal experience.

Just consider it: Whether you're straight, homosexual, or bisexual, you won't be drawn to everyone who is the other gender or who is the same gender as you. Therefore, it's possible that none of the two buddies has any sexual affections for the other.

Consequently, the answer to the final question—whether or not men and women can truly just be friends—is yes. It is undoubtedly feasible. But doesn't this happen frequently? Obviously not. But it's conceivable.

Why are you unable to inquire about his opinions on his female friends?

First of all, yes. Just be careful with the language you use. It might be extremely dangerous to ask your boyfriend if he loves or is drawn to one of his female acquaintances.

It is definitely worth a talk if they have a past. But make no accusations against him.

She may be pretty, yes, but that doesn't guarantee he thinks the same of her. Do you find yourself drawn to all the good-looking men in your life? Most likely not. Give him the same advantage, then.

You can tell him that you are uneasy because of your past or the vibe you got from them and that all you want to know is the truth without being judgmental.

What do men think about the female companions they have?

Be ready to hear some brutal honesty. What we tell you might not be to your taste. It will be comforting in some circumstances, but it may also keep you up at night. Be ready to learn the truth about what men really think about their female pals.

1.She is appealing.

He probably finds her appealing unless she is part ogre. However, there is no need for alarm or fear. It's possible to be attracted to someone without ever making a move or experiencing true romantic feelings.

Think of the TV program Friends. Joey believed Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel were all gorgeous, but he wasn't close to any of them. A guy can believe someone is attractive without doing anything about it, unless he is a cheater. Girls undoubtedly do it frequently as well!

2. He is completely unaware.

Although it pains us to admit it, men really are this illiterate. Some guys actually have different perspectives on some of their female acquaintances. Don't you, after all, consider some of your male pals to be brothers or other males?

You may be concerned about his female pals, yet he may not even be aware of their attractiveness.

3. He's daydreamed about them.

I'm sorry to break the news to you, but it is accurate. It has happened, just as many guys have fantasized about their babysitter, math teacher from elementary school, and best friend's mother.

Again, this does not imply that he is attracted to her or that he feels any impulse to indulge in these dreams.

4. He is easily seduced

Guys are attracted to the features of women, girlfriend or not. It is simply the case.

Maybe one of his female pals has a low-cut top on. He can be aroused by her cleavage without genuinely being attracted to her.

Yes, that is awful. In addition, Ryan Reynolds being shirtless may be appealing to women, but unless you're Blake Lively, you can't pull that off. So it's unsettling when someone in his life turns on your guy. Just keep in mind that what matters is that you trust him.

5. He has previously considered her.

There's a good probability he's contemplated asking her out in the past. But after he saw you, that thought probably went away.

Men and women who are friends almost always have some form of past or resentment. But that doesn't mean it has any current significance.

It doesn't necessarily follow that your boyfriend and his best female friend will get together just because two pals in a comedy did.

6.He has an odd mind.

Men do not aesthetically appeal to women in the same way that women do to men. Typically, women require passion, emotion, or something else to trigger it. But in a man's mind, every girl in his vicinity becomes a sexual being!

Even though it might seem sexist, that is kind of how their thoughts can function. He may have a completely platonic view of his female pals, but his mind constantly serves as a reminder that they are females.

7. They are pals for a reason.

There is a reason they are friends, whether he finds her attractive or not. They may have a love of music or have grown up together.

Whatever it may be, he views her as a friend who is there for him. The fact that she is a woman doesn't always matter.

8.He does not perceive her in that way.

Yes, it's possible that he once felt drawn to her. Maybe he was groping her when they first met. But that diminishes over time. The desire he formerly experienced has probably faded if they are close friends and truly platonic.

He may only view her as a friend after talking to her about her bowel motions, her ex, and other topics. Try to resist wondering about anything.

9. He is reliant on her.

Some guys have female pals, while others have sisters they consult for dating advice. He might rely on the opinions of his female buddies when it comes to you.

He may have gained valuable insight into women from his female acquaintances because he didn't feel as awkward when posing certain inquiries to them as he would to a potential romantic partner. Be grateful they made him a feminist before you start feeling envious.

10. They are truthful.

Women are naturally good at being brutally honest. And some men require that. They might certainly talk to their mother, but she might suggest that he wear a flowered Hawaiian shirt instead.

His female pals can be truthful with him about his style, dates, and hairstyle. They also possess a distinct honesty and viewpoint that his male buddies do not.

11.They allowed him to be.

With other women, women can be extremely judgmental, but not with males. Similar to how a woman's friend will encourage a man who uses moisturizer even though his male buddies may make fun of him for doing so.

His female buddies and he might like having pedicures together. Perhaps they provide him a justification to watch romantic comedies without risking getting shit from the guys.

12.They keep an eye out for him.

Don't you have a man buddy who always has your best interests in mind? or even several of them? They wish to meet your new admirer and confirm his sincerity?

His female pals assist him in the same way, and he appreciates their assistance and counsel.

When a guy meets a new girl, his male buddies will comment on how attractive she is or how well she is doing. However, when he introduces her to his female friends, they can let him know whether she comes off as clinging or false.

13. He is unhappy.

Guys who don't ghost but don't like a female can merely choose to remain friends with her out of politeness. He can regret rejecting her and still be friends with her since he despises conflict.

You still have nothing to be concerned about on his end in that scenario. It may get nasty when nice guys try to maintain friendships with woman they have rejected.

14. They impart to him

You might have thought that he was a lost puppy before you arrived. But someone needed to guide him and keep him on the straight and narrow. He needed someone to stop him from using crude pickup lines and to make sure he was treating ladies with respect, regardless of how they were dressed.

He could imagine his companion to be a female Yoda. She helped him navigate life so he could find you without coming across as a complete moron.

15. He enjoys her.

A guy could be drawn to his female buddies, that much is true. It's not always dangerous to feel attracted to a female acquaintance. But it's simple for a guy to fall for her, too. It makes sense if they get along, frequently hang together, and he thinks she's pretty.

Of course, if you're dating him, it could be awful, but the best course of action is to simply ask him. Don't DM her, check his phone, or spy on his social media. Discuss it and decide for yourself.

16. Not every male buddy of a female falls for him.

When you're a guy's girlfriend, one of the main reasons you want to know what guys think of their female friends is to find out if they'll endanger your relationship with him. Many girlfriends often believe that their guy has a secret crush on one of his female pals.

However, that is untrue. Yes, a guy could develop feelings for a female buddy. But perhaps he doesn't have romantic feelings for her. He could simply never be able to fall in love with her. She's cool and entertaining, but he won't likely fall madly in love with her.

17. Men may not always wish to bed their female buddies

A person might not fall in love with their female friends, and he might not desire to have sex with all of them either. Like a brother and sister, they could be close. They don't seem to be attracted to one another, do they? I certainly hope not!

You may stop worrying about your guy wanting to sleep with his many female friends if he has them. He has you, after all, so why would he need them?

What do men think about the female companions they have? Numerous things. similar to how you feel about your guy buddies. But your relationship need not suffer as a result of that.


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