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How and Why Men and Women Have It Tough

Let's help each other out, shall we? :)

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
How and Why Men and Women Have It Tough
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Quick Facts

-Even though we’ve been solely focusing on women’s and black people’s problems for a while, both men and women of every color have an equal opportunity to have problems in their life!

-Everyone has a different set of skills and qualities they can use to help themselves through their hardest moments.


Anti-feminist warning! In my observations and search for truth, I often arrive at conclusions that go against certain degenerative belief systems. These are, indeed, some of these conclusions!

Challenges are a running theme in many people's lives, however, I'm beginning to see a couple of patterns that are consistent across a lot of different people.

First, many of us Americans are hyper-focused on women's challenges and are often consciously ignoring men's challenges. Second, and I especially see this pattern with married couples and those who are in monogamous relationships, the anger and the spite they were exposed to in their childhood keeps itself alive through a vicious cycle that rarely lifts up! This leads me to conclude that both men and women have it tough and that it's important to bring both of our issues to light.

I'm content in conveying exactly what I've observed; here we go!

The Current Focus on Women's Challenges

The 3rd (and some argue that we're currently in the 4th) wave(s) of feminism have taken their progressive beliefs too far. We did have slavery in this country, and women used to be treated as if they were second-class citizens, but those days are over - now we're focusing far too much on women, femininity, and women's challenges in this world.

I agree that we should treat ourselves and others with respect and love, however, that's exactly what these radicals do not do, ironically enough. Many of them are very glad to watch their opposition (whether they be men or those of the opposing political group) die or become seriously injured, and they certainly won't look past their beliefs to help them when they need/desire it.

This wouldn't be an issue except for the far left controls most of the mainstream media. People on the far left are often the ones on city counsels. The biggest social media platforms are run by ultra-liberals. Many colleges force their students to study and memorize liberal propaganda. The house and the president are currently ultra-liberal. Etc, etc, etc.

Many people with power and influence are pushing unneeded, untrue, and detrimental propaganda. Part of that includes a corrupt over-emphasis on women's issues. They'll even go so far as to create issues, and it's an attempt to make the women watching at home angry so that they'll be hooked on their show... And because misery loves company.

Why Both Genders Have It Tough

However, both men and women have equal opportunities to have it tough, life doesn't discriminate!

I'm beginning to wonder if the couples in monogamous relationships have it the toughest in general (speaking for America), so I'll be focusing on you guys!

Here's the true anti-feminist idea I've been pondering: many problems arise from the woman's emotional nature. In other words, it's mostly the woman who creates and asserts the problem. It makes sense since her access to the logical mind isn't as prominent as the man's access to the logical mind (in general). She tends to become afraid first, she tends to become discontent first, she feels her emotions quite prominently, and she often cannot/will not go through the kind of logical thinking that brings surety and eases fear.

Let's take a journey through my mind: the woman is more emotional than the man, she cannot/will not access her rational mind and use it to make herself at ease when she becomes afraid. Let's couple this with the silent but commonly acted-out belief that women aren't to be doing any kind of physically demanding work (or anything that's masculine at all). Let's couple this with the possibility that most women (most people) don't have an IQ high enough to comprehend and change themselves.

What do you get when you combine all three? You get someone who isn't in control of their emotions, someone who's chronically angry (because they aren't performing any/enough physical movement to release their anger), and someone who will never be capable of changing themselves. This suffices to describe many women who are alive today, and sometimes it works out, but often their anger/resentment/fear/insecurity gets the better of them in the long run.

So let's say we have a guy who's married to one of these women. He gets up and goes to work every day, and usually, men get angry at something that pertains to the job whether it be inanimate objects or their co-workers. He probably subconsciously retains his anger. After he comes home he meets his wife who acts passive-aggressively towards him throughout the rest of the night. Depending on how mature they are they may raise their voices, yell at each other, or any other equivalent. This goes on for the rest of their lives!

Men have it tough because they work and deal with the stress and anger that arises partly from their job, and women have it tough because their emotions control them instead of the other way around. This is a very general synopsis and it doesn't apply to everybody, but it suffices to explain a problem that's experienced by many, many, many people alive today, even if it's hidden under the surface or posing as another problem.

A Solid Solution!

Being angry all of the time is not a good, positive, healthy way to be! My solution is this:

For the gentlemen: Use your rational mind to find out why it isn't worth being angry in any situation! Doing this consistently (that is, finding the roots of your own anger and deciding you won't become angry anymore) will make you a man that leads by example. Do it for her, your wife/partner will subconsciously pick up on your behavior and be less angry as a result.

For the ladies: Buy a punching bag! Do some pushups! Initiate rough and passionate sex! Physically exert yourself so that your anger doesn't reside in your body and make you an undesirable person to be around. You can also develop your rational mind and do the activity I explained to the guys.

Fear and anger are the sources of many (if not all) of the problems and challenges we experience in life. If life seems tough at the moment it's usually because of deeply held beliefs that are of a fearful or angry nature, so doing everything you possibly can to release your fear and anger will be best for you and everyone around you!


This post was brought to you by Holy Crap I Think I Figured It Out Inc. ;)

I'll see you in the next article!


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