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He is a mysterious genius criminal with an IQ comparable to Einstein, who spent 17 years bombing all American colleges and universities

by 麦克.迈克 3 months ago in humanity / feature / celebrities / art
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He is a mysterious genius criminal with an IQ comparable to Einstein, who spent 17 years bombing all American colleges and universities
Photo by Regis-Hari Bouchard on Unsplash

It is often said that there is only a thin line between genius and madness, and that genius used in a good way can make great achievements. If the genius mind in other places, it may become a big problem, like the United States in the history of a genius criminal. He was smarter than most people, but he also knew what he wanted than most people, just like he wanted to commit a crime, that has to do a thorough. After decades of living in seclusion in the mountains this man began his crime, how did he step by step become one of the most difficult to catch terrorists?

This man is called Sildo Kaczynski, and he was born on May 22, 1942. He was born before the end of World War II, but it was safer to be born in the U.S. Kaczynski was very smart from a young age. Growing up, Kaczynski was even smarter and entered Harvard University at the age of 16. If we talk about prodigies, he definitely counts. In this one of the world's top schools Kasinski's results are still considered excellent, after all, his IQ reached 170. since Newton, the greatest physics Einstein's IQ is about 200, from here you can see how high Kasinski's IQ is. Geniuses always think more than ordinary people, and according to Kaczynski's own account he reacquainted himself with the world at the age of twenty. Kaczynski was completing his senior year at Harvard University when he began to realize that mankind was losing its ability to govern itself and that its dependence on machines was too great. But at this time he had not yet developed the desire to revenge on society, and also went to the University of California, Berkeley, as an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. One day, he suddenly felt that he shouldn't go on like this, and he began to think that the technological industrial system was bringing disaster.

So he started to go to Montana in 1972, bought a piece of land with his previous savings, and made a wooden house by himself. The inside of the house is basically the arrangement of the ancient society, no electric lights only candles, no telephone and no running water. Even the vegetables were grown by him, he began a life that he thought was like a peach paradise. No one bothered him. In fact, Kaczynski was exposed to books on primitive societies at the age of eleven and longed for this life. But because of his genius, he entered Harvard to study, and now lives this life, and he feels very happy.

During this ten-year period, Kasinski learned all the necessary survival skills that primitive people need. Unfortunately, someone took a fancy to the nearby scenery and intended to develop it into a tourist location, and many tourists began to come near Kashinsky's hut. These people disturbed his peace and quiet, for which Kasinski was disappointed, he decided to return to society. Unlike the previous study, Kasinski's return this time was revenge. In the time that followed Kasinski took the bombs he made and blew up three people, and 29 others were maimed. Not only did he send bombs to people, the genius did one more thing in the middle of his life, and that was to send threatening letters to famous professors. David Garrett, a famous professor at Yale University, became one of his victims, and Kazinsky laughed at him: You were so stupid as to open a strange mail and get your hand blown off. Another one was sent to Richard Robert and Philip Sharpe, warning them not to study genes anymore. The last one was arrogant as hell and the reason he was caught, he sent a letter to the New York Times asking to exhibit his 35,000 word manifesto.

So arrogant that the FBI didn't even catch him, because he hated airplanes and Kaczynski sent two bombs to airlines, so the FBI called him the University Airline Bomb Freak. Investigating for seventeen years without any results, Kasinski ridiculed the FBI as a joke. In fact, long before him there were workers who fought the machines to the end, known as the Luddite movement. They opposed technological progress and the machines, the difference being that Kasinski was a neo-Luddite who was fighting against the entire industrial society built by machines.

In May 1998, Kaczynski was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Asked if his life as a prisoner would drive him crazy, Kaczynski simply said that he was only worried about adapting to the environment and not hating it anymore, and that he was afraid of forgetting what it felt like to be in touch with nature. One's imagination of the neo-Luddites was then formed; they longed for a life of nature and loathed technology.


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