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He Doesn’t Exist!

The Unicorn male

By Jay LeTron DobbinsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
He Doesn’t Exist!
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For starters, any man over the age of 40 doesn’t want anymore kids! Can we put this myth to bed and rid this hope of a man over the age of 40 wanting anything to do with the responsibility of a child! Please stop it! End of discussion on this one! Find me a man who is over 40 saying he wants kids, and I will show you a man who is catering to a woman’s emotions just to get the box!

Today woman act as if this man who is 6 feet tall, with a large penis, three homes, six cars, and making at least 400k a year is going to only be faithful to one person! I only know one or two guys that may fit that description and they’re married.

The funny thing about it all is the women who have these expectations are the average every day woman, with no chance (like snowball’s chance) to pull a guy like this if he did exist!

If he did exists, the family courts have killed any chance of this man wanting to marry a woman! I don’t need to get in the examples because there are far too many!

Another factor as to why men are pulling back on marriage is the mindset of the common woman today! Most want a traditional man to pay all the bills, but don’t want to cook or take care of the home. Most women want to make her money and keep it to herself and expect the man to provide!

Been there and done that! Let’s get back to this male that all women look for! Another factor as to why this man doesn’t exist is that women don’t give him a chance when he has less to offer. Women say that they don’t date potential. To each is own, but let me tell you why most men shy away from committed relationships when they “make it”.

Men don’t want to feel like an ATM! What happened to women having a general desire for men? Somewhere in the storyline, the man’s feelings have been left out and all that matters is that he provides! Where did this one-sided relationship come from? I would like to see one dating guru ask the simple question of “what makes you think that you are a good catch?” based on facts and not feelings.

He doesn’t care about the money you make, unless you are going to contribute financially to the legacy. A woman’s first step in knowing her worth, is understanding that it has nothing to do with her financial producing skills. Your money means nothing to him, if it will not be used to contribute.

This is another fallacy that women believe that a high-earning man wants a woman with equal income! They know that women of this status are difficult to deal with. I know of one woman who is a billionaire and is married and submits to her husband! The problem is, no one can name five women that are.

Yes, there is a reality that is starting to sink in that settling for less is better! Unfortunately most women are finding out in their 50s and now they want to compete for a man, against other women who are in their 30s! As someone said, “where’s the lie?”.

I really hope that women as a whole would start to value men beyond material accomplishments. I had a dating guru chew me out on her platform because she stated that women are going to appeal to men that can afford homes and not two bedroom apartments. She was right, but what she’s not telling her audience is that men who have these homes are trying to stay away for her target audience.


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